We are Papershift


The company, the team and the idea behind shift planning and employee time tracking

Our Purpose & Mission

We believe time and people are the most important resource.
Therefore, we empower organizations and teams to simplify time management.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of our work. They connect us and reflect our core thinking and ideologies. They are the principles that have brought us to where we are today and guide us day by day.

We are proactive

We approach each other – because open and direct communication is very important to us.

We empower our customers to manage their resources.

We get in touch first.

We progress everyday

We are constantly improving our internal workflows and processes.

The feedback from our customers and the team provide us with the basis for this.

We are authentic

We live our core values and maintain our own corporate culture.

Every team member has the right to participate and the opportunity to contribute their ideas.

We are transparent

We share our know-how with customers and talk openly about opportunities.

Internal work processes are visible to every team member.

We live an “open door” policy in our office.

We are agile

Each department implements tasks as quickly and optimally as possible.

We adapt to changes and do not remain in rigid structures.

Feature requests, releases and hotfixes are fixed components of our continuous product development.

We love simplicity

Our central motivation is to make processes simple.

We attach great importance to simple and fast communication, both within the team and with our customers.

Our product is characterized by excellent usability.

We work sustainably

We strive for long-term relationships in every respect – with our customers, partners, and employees.

We strive for the sustainable development of our product.

We are One Team

We pull together and support each other.

We are an open group in which every new team member is accepted.

The team concept refers not only to the team members of Papershift but also to our customers.

We are One Team

Want to become a part of us and get to know us?!

Jobs at Papershift


I appreciate both the flexibility and the freedom that I have at Papershift. We allow ourselves this freedom through mutual appreciation and trust, knowing that, with all freedom, we always have the welfare of Papershift in mind.

Doris Steinhart - Organisation / Accounting

At Papershift, my opinion is not only noted, but it also counts and is valued. We are a team: we think outside the box, support each other without being asked and live a real, open feedback culture. I think every one of us would sign that a job at Papershift is not just earning a living, it's fun. In short: I am proud to be here!

Tim Lippmann – Account Executive


“Papershift has the potential to add tremendous value to workforce planning. It has proven it with the combination of solutions for shift planning with employee time tracking and staff vacation planning

Daniel Karszt, Head of CyberLab

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Call us at +44 20 39660889 or write an email to [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you!

Capterra rates Papershift 4.8/5 in rota planning software