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Create and edit rosters anywhere, anytime and on any device

Create a roster

We make work scheduling for your company easier und faster. With only a few clicks you are able to create working areas and allocate people to free shifts. You also have the opportunity to give your employees the freedom to choose in which shifts they want to work. This way the schedule is created completely automatic. When your schedule is done, you can easily print it or send it to your employees in various ways.

Manage absences easily

Manage working schedules, absences, vacations or time tracking of all your employees on any online device. This way you can easily confirm absences or approve requests with one click. This leads to a fully automated HR process.

HR software that is capable of more.

Learn more about the abilities Papershift provides you. Choose from our 4 core modules and a number of apps to solve your demands.

Einfach den Dienstplan online erstellen mit Papershift


Schedule your employees online.

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Der online Urlaubsplaner mit Dienstplan-Integration von Papershift

Manage absences

Manage your abscences and vacations.

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Viele Möglichkeiten der Zeiterfassung entsprechend zum Dienstplan

Time tracking

Choose from multiply ways to track your employees working hours.

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Dienstplan online erstellen und schnell auswerten und Personal abrechnen

Payroll accounting

Automated payroll accounting for all your employees.

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Your new digital HR department

Papershift is more than just a software to schedule your employees. Papershift is your online HR department. Installing our solutions for tablets and smartphones can help to answer all your employees questions regarding HR.

Use the time tracking app for iOS and Android for time recording according to the rota


“Papershift has the potential to change the HR market significantly. The combination of modules such as shift scheduling with elements of time tracking, payroll accounting or absence planning already indicates where the software is headed.”

Daniel Karszt, Head of CyberLab

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Papershift is user-friendly and intuitive to use. Nevertheless every organization has its own requirements. That is why our customer-success team is always available to solve your use case the right way.

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