Online personnel deployment planning in production and industry 4.0

Shift planning and time recording perfect for your production company

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Your hrplanner in the cloud

Plan staff efficiently with automatic occupancy

With Papershift, you can automatically occupy open layers with just one click.

Our system naturally takes into account target hours, availability, absences and rest periods for your employees.

Create any layer systems and layer models

No matter if 2- or 3-shift system, partial or fully continuous shift plan: with Papershift you define the right plan for your optimal personnel deployment planning in production and industry.

Rolling occupancy of employees

Many of our customers use rolling or rotating allocations for their service planning. Of course, this use case can also be mapped in Papershift.

Involve employees in personnel planning

The basic idea of Papershift is to involve employees in personnel planning. The advantage: happier employees, large cost savings and more flexibility in personnel deployment.

Give your employees the opportunity to enter availability independently via their personal online access, to submit shift applications, to submit holiday applications and to register absences.

Those responsible only have to approve or reject them and are immediately notified of any conflicts in the planning.

Personnel planning and resource planning in one

Use Papershift for more than just personnel deployment planning in production: Assign work areas, work steps, and resources such as machines to your employees.

In the Papershift resource view, you can see your work steps, the employees employed there and the utilization of the machines or tools in real time.

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Digital time recording for production companies

You select from the 5 possible methods for recording working time the one that best suits your requirements and record the working hours of your workforce precisely and reliably.

Even existing systems for recording time and/or access control can be integrated via the Papershift interface and synchronized with Papershift.

Learn more about time recording with Papershift

Integrate throughput numbers

Understand the correlations between throughput and working time and optimize your personnel planning accordingly. With the Papershift reports and evaluations, you can import and export all key figures that are important to you when evaluating personnel, work areas or locations.

Include throughput figures in production when evaluating online service planning

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