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Keep track of staff time records, shift attendance to payroll in one simple app. Save costs with accurate timesheets.

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“Accurate & faster than spreadsheet timesheets, reduce costs by 21%.”
Eliminate overpay. Accurately pay overtime & bonuses.

Clock in/out of your rota for both onsite & deskless workers with secure PIN access from all devices.

Secure PIN/Sign based time tracking terminal for on-site employees. 100% accuracy for timesheets over spreadsheets.

  • Easy time dashboard

  • One click approval

  • Secure login via PIN

  • Log from all devices

time and attendance log of employees in a glance
timesheet entry and approvals made easy for HR managers and admins to process payrolls
setup secure punch clock in out terminals at your workplaces with secure PIN or employee sign with Papershift
track time and attendance of rota employees from all devices like smartphone tablet and desktop with Papershift
time and attendance log of employees in a glance

Prevent rota time thefts & process accurate payroll.

Struggling with wage accuracy? Over paying false timesheet entries and not promptly paying eligible overtime shifts? Papershift helps you solve this with accurate time records from the rules and processes you decide at your workplace.

Alternatively, record working times automatically from the shift schedule and allow employees to make corrections if necessary. All you have to do is approve them.

Real-time attendance & absences of all staff across your locations.

Use Papershift’s time clock app for stationary time recording for your employees. Your employees can simply verify themselves with a PIN number or their signature and can then stamp the beginning, breaks and end of their shifts.

Staff can request time-off or absence directly from the app. The manager can then approve or direct vacation bans during peak seasons. Keep’s communication simple & effective.

Automate timesheet & absence now

setup secure punch clock in out terminals at your workplaces with secure PIN or employee sign with Papershift
Papershift Payroll - process automatic payroll and wages from rota timesheet across multiple locations

Automate your payroll reporting.

Papershift keeps track of all clock-in and clock-out times for you, right down to each and every break. You can edit timesheets, add notes and approve times, all in the same place.

With our payroll module, automatically calculate employee gross pay including supplements for weekends, nights, public holidays and more.

Automate timesheet to payroll

Expand with integrations & terminals.

Start small & grow with tools and solutions from Papershift. Integrate with external payroll tools with our automatic timesheet. Setup clock in/out terminals at your production floor and business with desk based jobs.

Track time tracking for your logistics business with geo tagging, geo fencing or GPS based clock-in needs with our integration possibilities.

Papershift payroll and integration with top UK payroll softwares

Employee Time Tracking for all industries, all sizes

Our customers include companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries. They have one thing in common: Each of them has individual requirements, and we treat each of them accordingly.
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It's just brilliant!!

We no longer deal with messy inaccurate paper timesheets. We now record 20+ staff clocking jobs on the Papershift app.

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Time recording for 60+ stores

Each employee's time balance is managed automatically. This saves us time, effort with greater transparency & accuracy.

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Most friendly support staff!

We asked 100s of questions. Papershift was always friendly, timely & solved our timesheet needs online.

Tracey, Weyline Taxis

Your frequently asked questions on staff time tracking

What is time tracking?

Time recording is an essential concept in organizations where employees record their working hours to help in easier management and planning. The data recorded can be used for payroll accounting and the assigning of working hours to projects. With current labor laws requiring proper remuneration, companies are obligated to record their working hours to avoid any discrepancies.

What are the ways to track time of employees?

Below are the methods that organizations can use to track their time:

1. Electronic devices like punch clocks
2. Excel template
3. Biometric
4. Mobile time tracking from smartphones
5. Online or remote working tracking from browsers

Why is time tracking important?

Besides compliance with time tracking regulations, below are some reasons why companies are increasingly embracing the practice of tracking time:

1. Assess work capacity
2. Assess employee productivity
3. Forecast work duration & plan ahead
4. Facilitate project management
5. Maintain accuracy in payroll and billing

In addition, the European Working Time Directive is a law passed down by the Council of Europe to protect the health and safety of workers within the European Union. Amongst its many rules are directives concerning working hours, holidays, sick pay, and night shifts.

The Directive was enshrined in UK law as the Working Time Regulations on the 1st of October 1998. This means that UK employees must follow their rules.

How to keep track of employees time?

It is recommended to invest in a cloud-based employee time tracking system. Such a system will ensure the working time of employees adheres to the proposed law. Papershift time tracking system ensures this. As employers, your problem of the right time tracking system which takes care of your statutory law is taken care of.

Papershift time tracking system allows you flexibility. You may choose to track time from a browser, tablet device, or even smartphones.

The benefits of time tracking for employers are as follows –

1. Efficient payroll
2. Automated process
3. Work process optimization
4. Minute-by-minute time accounting
5. Efficient booking archiving and traceability of past data
6. Better security, transparency, and overview
7. Employees can be used more efficiently.
8. Better workforce planning
9. Facilitating work and improving profitability

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