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  • Online time tracking

    Employees clock in online directly through the computer. If necessary, you can define which IP addresses are authorised.

  • App-based time tracking

    Employees clock in on a fixed device and can verify it by signature or PIN.

  • Mobile time tracking

    Allow your employees to clock in on the go and transmit GPS data if needed.

Or you have working hours automatically generated from the shift schedule and allow employees to make corrections if necessary. All you have to do is confirm them.


Establish a time clock policy

Define your own time tracking policies for all your needs. For example, prevent employees from clocking in before their scheduled shift starts or automatically have them clocked out when it ends according to the shift schedule. If employees forget to clock out, you can have the system notify them after a specified number of hours and automatically clock them out.

Document everything you need

Papershift keeps track of all clock-in and clock-out times for you, right down to each and every break. This will help you fulfil your obligation to keep orderly records documenting your employees’ working hours.
Export everything with just one click and store them separately on-site. Papershift will only delete information when you specifically request it.

Analyse and export at any time

Export all your data in various formats. Take care of your payroll accounting by having Papershift prepare DATEV-compatible exports for upload in DATEV.

Papershift combines all your systems

Whether online, via app or mobile, Papershift will collect all of your logged times and store them in one place.

Papershift combines all of your time-logging systems into one online software programme

A range of analysis options

Analyse and evaluate all your information in real time and create reports for budget planning.
Compare the data with external data in Papershift to gain a more accurate understanding of your business.

Use these time records to analyse the data and optimise your business

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Multiple awards and distinctions

Papershift has been awarded for its solution in shift scheduling, holiday planning and time tracking by a top-notch panel of judges.

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