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Win 5 star rating from guests. One lovable app for staff rota, timesheet, absence to wages automation.

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Increase staff retention, reduce wage costs by 21%”
Food business staff management made easy. Watch quick demo here

Why Papershift for your food & beverage business?

Scale up/down basis demand. Rota attendance to payroll in one simple app

Spreadsheet errors free

Drag. Drop. Done. Easy and intuitive scheduling for your busy restaurant and food business.

Involve employees into shift planning

Clock in/out for all

Seamless staff planning & auto timesheets for chefs, waiters & delivery drivers. All in one tool.

Papershift is simple to use and adopt

Forecast seasonal demand

Ensure eligible employees are allocated to the shifts based on skill & demand for peak & dull seasons. Reduce cost.

Auto-Fill your cafe’s Weekly Rota in 3 Clicks 🚀

Staff leave and changing availability make rota planning difficult. With Papershift, employees request leave and give availability, and you can then auto-fill the weekly rota in three clicks.

Fill rota in just 3 clicks with Papershift
Papershift rota software - one click assign rota and inform rota schedule to employees

Goodbye to paper rotas, spreadsheets, empty shifts & missed calls.

Define needs for rota schedule get 100% staffing levels for your service hours.

On-board new staff members quickly. Schedule staff to meet on and off peak demands. Auto assign staff to rota – basis staff availability, absences, and contracted hours.

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Reduce over staffing & overtime to save wage costs by 21%.

Get predictions of staff you need at different roles and departments during peak hours and holiday seasons.

Maximise staff coverage to provide the best service levels in your restaurants to consistently win 5 star customer ratings. Hire & pay staff for the right needs.

Save labour costs now

Papershift rota - at a glance overview of employees planned vs actual rota scheduled hours
setup secure punch clock in out terminals at your workplaces with secure PIN or employee sign with Papershift

Real-time attendance & absences of all staff across your food joints.

100% accuracy of timesheets. Make it easier for staff to clock in/out with our secure punch clock terminals, clock-in app or via browser.

Staff can request time-off or absence directly from the app. The restaurant captain can then approve or direct vacation bans during peak seasons. Keep’s communication simple & effective.

Automate timesheet & absence now

Automatic payroll & wage calculation. Integrate with POS & HR systems.

Calculate wages for hourly workers. Papershift will auto calculate break duration, rota attendance, timesheets recorded, contractual hourly costs and provide you a payroll suggest.

You can export these to all file formats (PDF, EXCEL, CSV, etc.). HR managers and admins can quickly check, edit or approve.

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Papershift Payroll - process automatic payroll and wages from rota timesheet across multiple locations
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A whopping 97.3% customer happiness rating.

Fast onboarding. Simple training. Friendly support. Our rockstar team is available for you.

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