Shift Planning & Time Tracking for Food & Beverage Business

Simple & easy roster scheduling and planning for restaurants, cafes, and bars

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Roster planning and Time Tracking is simple & fun with Papershift

Simple & Fun

Easy and intuitive scheduling for your busy restaurant and food business

Involve employees into shift planning

Planning, Tracking for All

Seamless planning for chefs, waiters & delivery drivers. All in one tool

Papershift is simple to use and adopt

Skill & Availability

Ensure the employees are allocated to the right shifts based on skill & demand

Quick and easy service planning

Create individual workspaces such as bar, kitchen or service. Create individual or recurring shifts quickly.

Papershift’s automatic scheduling and rostering feature assigns employees to all open shifts with one click. Hours balances, absences, availability, skills and qualifications are taken into account.

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With Papershift, you always keep an eye on your employees' target hours

Wage and labour laws compliance with ease

Keep an eye on your employees’ and assistants’ hourly accounts with Papershift Plan.
Configure target hours for your employees and Papershift ensures that they are not exceeded by ensuring the right allocation of shifts.

The colored hour accounts help you immediately recognize employees with availability.

Papershift offers a wide range of digital time recording options

Precise and legally-compliant time recording

With Papershift Track, working hours can be documented and evaluated precisely. Keeping it in accordance with the law.

Choose the right time recording option for your company. Create individual clock-in and out rules and let your employees record their working hours independently.

The collected data is automatically synchronized with Papershift and is accessible from anywhere, at any time.

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Online evaluation and billing of your personnel planning and working time recording for catering

Automatic payroll

Every employee’s working time is automatically tracked via their roster, browser, or the iPad app. This data is updated in their individual employee profile. The data stored in the employee profile generates a monthly statement. You can export these to all file formats (PDF, EXCEL, CSV, etc.).

All that remains to be done is to hand over the exported payroll to your tax advisor.

Analysieren Sie die Planung in Ihrem Unternehmen mit Auswertungen und Berichte von Papershift

Forecast demand and plan rosters accordingly

Papershift Insights enables the evaluation of the collected data in the form of reports in order to identify optimization potential.

Furthermore, the Papershift API allows the connection of external systems in order to use their data as an external metric for evaluation.

This enables you to identify workforce, financial and productive bottlenecks at an early stage and to adapt your planning accordingly.

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Better employee and customer satisfaction

Gastronomy employees

Papershift Cloud enables the active integration of employees into the planning process.

Employees can independently specify availability, apply for shifts and submit absence applications.

As a result, the needs of your employees are taken into account and a fair utilization of the staff is ensured. In the long term, this leads to a higher level of employee satisfaction.

Always and everywhere available

Organize your staff from anywhere, online, anytime, and with any device.

Manage and edit it from anywhere - Papershift's online personnel planning and time recording for food business

The Papershift Cloud is a software ecosystem that seamlessly handles the entire human resources management of a food business from planning to payroll. The data obtained with Plan & Track can be evaluated and processed with Insights.

A hands-on approach is always the best way to learn. We are there to support you through the initial stages of using Papershift.

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Capterra rates Papershift 4.8/5 in rota planning software