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During the time you are evaluating a software, here is the free download for Rota Planning, Absence, Timesheets & Payroll Templates

Employee Leave & Absence Planner Free Excel Template from Papershift. Download Free.

Vacation Planner Template

Employee Absence, Sickness, Annual Leave Template

Vacation Excel Template
Employee clock in and out, time tracking free excel template from Papershift

Employee Timesheet Template

Clock in/out, break times, scheduled hours and overtime

Timesheet Excel Template
Team shift schedule generator for free download from Papershift

Staff Rota Template

Staff Rota and Roster Printable Excel Template

Staff Rota Excel Template
Employee annual leave and holiday entitlement calculator free download

Holiday Entitlement Calculator

Calculate annual leave and holiday entitlement & carryovers

Holiday Entitlement Calculator
Employee payroll calculator free excel template from Papershift

Payroll Calculator Template

Calculate employee Payroll with their time records

Payroll Excel Template
Weekly rota and team rota schedule generator free excel template download from Papershift

Weekly Rota Template

Weekly team rota generator

Weekly Rota Template
Shift and rota planning template from Papershift

Rota Template

Rota Plan Excel template

Rota Excel Template
3 shift system free excel template for download from Papershift

Excel Rota Template

Free Excel Rota Template

Excel Rota Template
Employee working hours calculator free excel template from Papershift

Time Calculator Template

Calculate working time gross and net

Clock-in / Out Excel Template
Employee master data free excel template from Papershift

Employee Master Data Template

Manage employee file and records on Excel

Staff Master Data Excel Template
Working time account excel template free download from Papershift

Working Time Account Template

Employees' working time accounts in Excel

Working Time Excel Template

A free template actually costs you MORE

More hours on rota scheduling, more effort on rota publishing, & more on penalties if compliance is broken

  • Rest breaks compliance

  • Timesheet records compliance

  • Find replacements instantly

  • Instant team messaging

break rules compliance vs free template explained by Papershift
employee records vs free template made easy by Papershift
staff involved in rota planning vs free template made easy by Papershift rota software
notifications for next shift vs free excel template

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Schedule rota online

Easily to use shift schedules with the online shift planner

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Absence planner

Manage employees' absence in the online absence planner

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Employee time tracking

Easy to use time tracking on mobile, or via a terminal

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Evaluation and reports

Evaluate staff data and prepare payrolls

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