Free Excel Templates for Workforce Planning

Templates for shift planning, employee leave & absence, timesheet, and payroll

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Free templates to download

Below are templates for shift planning, leave planning, timesheets, and payroll. Feel free to use them as you need. Over time, more and more free templates will be made available, as we want to cover as many use cases as possible.

Wondering if there’s a better tool than Excel for your staff planning? That’s why we created Papershift. Read more here.


The templates can be customized by you to your wish. Over time, more and more free sheets will be made available, as we want to cover as many use cases as possible. We have tried to keep the templates as simple as possible. If you still have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us or book a free demo with us to check out much simpler possibilities with Papershift software.


Papershift makes Shift Planning fun & easy

Shift planning in Papershift is much simpler and highly flexible. Unlike static spreadsheets, with Papershift your team rota is available on your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices all the time.

Time tracking and timesheet management is a breeze. Timesheets can be created by employees clocking in via an app, or automatically from the shift plan to be edited later. You can then create an export for payroll with a click.

Download Rota Planning, Absence, Timesheets & Payroll Templates

Employee Leave & Absence Planner Free Excel Template from Papershift. Download Free.

Vacation Planner Excel

Employee Absence, Sickness, Annual Leave Template

Employee clock in and out, time tracking free excel template from Papershift

Employee Timesheet Excel

Clock in/out, break times, scheduled hours and overtime

Team shift schedule generator for free download from Papershift

Staff Rota Template

Staff Rota and Roster Printable Excel Template

Employee annual leave and holiday entitlement calculator free download

Holiday Entitlement Calculator

Calculate annual leave and holiday entitlement & carryovers

Download Holiday Entitlement Calculator
Employee payroll calculator free excel template from Papershift

Payroll Calculator Excel

Calculate employee Payroll with their time records

Weekly rota and team rota schedule generator free excel template download from Papershift

Weekly Rota Template

Weekly team rota generator

Shift and rota planning template from Papershift

Rota Template

Rota Plan Excel template

3 shift system free excel template for download from Papershift

Excel Rota Template

Free Excel Rota Template

Employee working hours calculator free excel template from Papershift

Time Calculator Excel

Calculate working time gross and net

Employee master data free excel template from Papershift

Employee Master Data Excel

Manage employee file and records on Excel

Working time account excel template free download from Papershift

Working Time Account Excel

Employees' working time accounts in Excel