Papershift HR: The digital employee database

The digital employee database from Papershift HR makes document management in the HR area simple and secure.


  • Define access rights

    Your role concept determines who has access to which information: You define which data can be seen or edited by your employees.

  • Upload of HR documents

    Integrate existing documents and manage all data and information of your employees centrally with the digital employee database.

  • Capture data flexibly

    Create documents in any format and data type and extend data fields with attributes to capture data even more accurately

  • Mobile at all locations

    With Papershift you have access to the master data of your employees from any device, no matter where and at what time.

Legally compliant & audit-proof

To ensure that your data is secure now and in the future, Papershift follows the GDPR guidelines. Furthermore, we have defined our own data protection objectives and taken measures, e.g. by operating our servers exclusively in Germany. Because our software follows the requirements of the UK data protection act, the digital employee database is also considered revision-proof.

File templates with placeholders

Save time when filling out documents: using file templates with placeholders accelerates and unifies the process.

Smart search function

The Papershift search finds the file you are looking for. Search in individual data categories of the digital employee database and refine your search query with various parameters.

dashboard reports

Employee Reports

Create individual reports based on the master data of employees, e.g. on sickness rates, vacation rates, employees per department, and much more.

Starting from EUR 6 per employee and month

You get the Papershift HR already from EUR 6 per employee/month.
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"For us, the most important aspect is that Papershift runs very reliably. Our sensitive data has to be handled very carefully, because of legislation."

Lukas Moeller, Founder


"Papershift offers employees and supervisors alike the right platform to handle the HR process simply and efficiently."

Dirk Plechinger, Founder

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