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A recipient of the CyberChampions Award, Papershift is one of the leading Cloud-based applications for employee management.

  • Group employees by type

    Create your shift schedule online and group shifts by employee type to ensure you have a perfect overview at all times.

  • Employee hours in real time

    Your online shift planner allows you to view how many hours each of your employees has in real time. Click to switch between time intervals of hours per week and hours per month.

  • Keep an eye on scheduling conflicts

    Papershift will display any conflicts in your schedule and warn you if employees are not getting as many hours as they should be, lack certain qualifications or if an employee hasn't shown up for their shift.


Get your employees involved

Creating a shift schedule online is easy. Define your needs, make notes and assign shifts to the employee groups or locations of your choice. Involve your employees in the process and allow them to set their own availability, request time off and submit applications – all easily online and from anywhere.

Display shift plans and rotating shift systems

Automatically define rotating shift systems for two-, three-, four- or five-shift plans. It also allows you to ensure that shifts in the system are assigned around the clock. Papershift assigns the shifts according to your wishes, taking into account break times, rest periods and other legal requirements.

Let our AI assign your staff

Papershift’s automatic shift assignment function automatically fills your schedule with employees, taking into account your employees’ availability for rotating shifts (e.g. -early -early -late -late -off) and the number of hours they’re supposed to be working.


Ensure fairness

With our fairness module, we at Papershift have been able to create something that is one-of-a-kind today. Use Papershift to ensure that shifts are fairly distributed amongst your employees, with the statistics available for all to see at any time.


Create reports and conduct analyses

Papershift’s report module allows you to learn more about your business. Recognise employee workloads, free capacities, staff shortages and much more. Anticipate your personnel needs and use it to plan your budget accordingly.

Available anywhere

It’s so easy to create your shift schedule online, on any device and from anywhere. Respond immediately to last-minute changes to the schedule

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We know – every company has its own demands. This is why we specialise in offering you tailor-made solutions. Speak with our support team and we will carry out the adjustments you need.

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Our customer support is an important component of the product we offer. Papershift isn’t just a shift-planning program, but an online personnel planning solution.

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Multiple awards and distinctions

Papershift’s shift planner has been honoured by a top-notch panel of judges with the CyperChampion award. Papershift was chosen as number one by well-known IT experts and entrepreneurs.

Online shift planner available anywhere and on any device
A hands-on approach is always the best way to learn. We are there to support you through the initial stages using Papershift.

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