Shift Planning & Time Tracking for Retail

Simple & easy roster scheduling and planning for shops, supermarkets, and chain stores

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Roster planning and Time Tracking is simple & fun with Papershift

Shift Planning made easy for busy Sales assistants, Floor managers and Admins in Retail

Simple & Fun

Easy and intuitive scheduling for your busy retail and supermarket business

Service planning is automated with Papershift

Smart Scheduling

Schedule based on forecasted demand & foot fall projections

Unabhängigkeit für Ihre Mitarbeiter durch Cloud-Technologie

Reduce Labor Costs

Avoid no shows to shifts from employees

Papershift helps you empower your employees with visibility of shifts

Dienstplan erstellen und automatisch befüllen

Self-filling roster

Create your weekly shift plan in a few clicks or let our automatic scheduler do it for you. Get an easy overview of multiple locations, departments, and teams.

View available hours of each employee at a glance and set maximum weekly or monthly hours. Avoid back-to-back scheduling with automatic warning notifications.

With Papershift, you always keep an eye on your employees' target hours

Avoid employee burnouts and provide fair allocation

With Papershift scheduling, you can automatically keep an eye on your employees’ hours. If target hours have been stored in the employee profiles, the hours already worked are color-coded in the calendar overview.

This allows you to immediately see the available employees to fill an open shift.

Place the stamp clock for iPad on site

Use Papershift’s time clock app for stationary time recording for your employees. Your employees can simply verify themselves with a PIN number or their signature and can then stamp the beginning, breaks and end of their shifts.

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Automatic payroll

The clock-in/out times recorded are automatically stored in your employee’s profile in Papershift. You have an overview of all hours clocked by your employees. You can also subsequently check them and correct them if necessary. Further, you can also have the payroll created automatically and set it in xls. or csv. format.

So the only thing you personally have to do for payroll in the future is to pass the export on to your tax advisor.

Customer satisfaction starts with satisfied employees

At Papershift, we believe that employees are the most important resource. That is why we actively involve your employees in the planning. If necessary, they can apply independently for free shifts or exchange shifts with other employees, create availability and request absences.

Your workforce thus experiences fair service planning and you personally save a lot of time in the organization and get a higher willingness of your employees to perform on top.

Roster & Time Tracking in your Pocket

With Papershift, your workforce planning can be reached at any time, anywhere on any device.

Papershift's online human resources planning allows your employees to access your roster at any time

Not guestimates, trust in data and take informed decisions in your retail business

Understand the correlations between performance and working time and optimize your workforce planning accordingly. With the Papershift reports module, you can import all external key figures that are important to you for evaluating personnel, workspaces or locations.

Performance figures when evaluating online service planning in retail
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