Easy time clock app on iPad & Android tablets

Convenience for employees and accuracy for HR teams

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For precise employee time tracking to the second and real-time synchronization to Papershift Cloud

Use the Papershift time clock for mobile and fixed-device time logging

Tap & go – make time tracking reliable & enjoyable for employees

Papershift Time clock app is here to replace your local time and attendance terminal. Your employees can directly clock in and clock out with just a tap on the tablet devices like an iPad and also authenticate themselves with their signature or a PIN. These time records are automatically synchronised in real time with Papershift Cloud. This helps you track the most accurate working hours of employees.


Secure with authentication options – PIN, signature or IP

Feel free to choose the authentication type for employees to verify themselves while clocking their time. You can choose between the classic signature, a PIN or the IP address of the employee.


Automatic time clock rules

Flexibility and control for HR teams in defining and configuring time clock rules for your company. Events like employees forgetting to clock their time are automatically taken care of by Papershift. It also saves huge time for companies in discussing ‘incomplete’ time recordings with employees.


Time and wage records for seamless payroll

Time clocked in and out by employees are constantly synchronised with Papershift Cloud. HR teams can thereafter look at such data to evaluate, analyse and map the hourly wages to them. Such accurate data can even be forwarded for payroll. With Papershift software running on the cloud you can access and evaluate the data online anywhere anytime.

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Saved, documented and secure forever

Papershift saves you the hassle; especially if you work with many wage earners, their time records must be documented and presentable during examinations at any time. Papershift takes away the documentation and storage. All your data is encrypted and backed up several times in our data centres with the highest security standards. In addition, we also offer you our full-service payroll.

Logged times are automatically saved and can be exported

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Talk to us and get to know the numerous possibilities of time tracking at Papershift. For example, with the Browser time clock or time recording via duty rosters.