Time tracking for your employees

Have your employees use a central iPad time clock to clock in and clock out. Keep track of hours using this practical time clock.

Use the Papershift time clock for mobile and fixed-device time logging

Employees simply clock in via iPad

The time clock app replaces your clock-in terminal on site. Your employees just clock in using the iPad and verify with a signature or PIN. These times are automatically synchronised with Papershift, allowing you to analyse and evaluate them in real time. The time clock allows you to track your employees’ working hours with accuracy and precision. Our time clock software is suitable for both iOS and Android devices.


PIN, signature or IP

You choose which employees are authorised to verify working hours using the time clock software and how you want them to do so, with a choice between classic signature, PIN or the employee’s IP address.


Set clock-in rules

Easily determine the way in which your employees clock in and out at your place of business. The software automatically ensures that your employees won’t forget to clock in and will automatically clock them out if this does happen. This makes it a rather popular solutionamongst employees and saves you employee interviews on time logging.


Time clock software for confirmation and analysis

All times clocked in and out are continuously synchronised over the internet, where they can be evaluated and processed. This allows you to automatically calculate how much you owe your employees and forward the information to the payroll office. Papershift’s software runs in the Cloud, giving you access to all of your data online from anywhere for analysis and evaluation.

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Stored and documented permanently

Especially when you’re working with many wage earners, working hours need to be documented and available at all times for auditing purposes. Papershift takes care of documentation and storage for you. All of your data is protected by multiple encryption and stored in our data centres under the highest security standards. And we also offer full-service payroll accounting for you.

Logged times are automatically saved and can be exported

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Talk to us and discover the various options for logging time offered at Papershift. For example, the online time clock or time logging via shift schedule.