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Your frequently asked questions on Timesheet calculator

What is a Timesheet Calculator?

A timesheet calculator is a method of calculating how many hours an employee works. It can be as simple as a sheet of paper or as complicated as a piece of software.

What are the Benefits to Employees for Using Timesheet Calculators?

For an employer, a timesheet calculator can help with a vast array of HR tasks. These can include:
1. Working out payroll for staff members.
2. Working out a number of holiday days accrued by a staff member.
3. Seeing who is working at any given time.
4. For businesses that charge clients by the hour, it can help create invoices and bill accurately.

What are the Benefits to Employers for Using Timesheet Calculators?

While the benefits to employees may not be as obvious, there are still a few, including:
1. Accurate pay. A good working time calculator will work out the amount to pay staff members automatically.
2. Less HR errors. Manual systems for working out the number of hours worked can lead to errors. HR staff are human after all and working with complex calculations is not an easy task.
3. Accurate holiday entitlement calculations. There’s nothing worse than missing out on holiday time that you are entitled to. A good working hours calculator will calculate leave entitlement automatically and apply it to staff without HR input. This can lead to less errors and an easier-to-manage system.

What Forms do Working Hours Calculator Come in?

A working hours calculator can come in many forms and may be something as simple as a written ledger or spreadsheet. If you store data in a ledger, then manual calculations will have to be performed to work out pay/billing amounts. This is why many businesses opt for electronic tools for their working hours calculator.

One of the simplest tools for working out the number of hours employees work is a spreadsheet. If you use a spreadsheet, then you will have to input data manually. Spreadsheet formula can then perform basic calculations to work out the number of hours completed, etc.

The most common form of working hours calculator these days is software-based. Software-based systems help automate tasks but generally come with additional maintenance costs.

Can You Buy Timesheet Calculation Software?

Yes, you can. If spreadsheets seem like too much work, then specialist timesheet calculator software is available. This software is often part of a larger HR or payroll software package. It will include a method of monitoring clocking in and clocking out times as well as a range of tools to calculate other useful metrics. If a business bills by the hour, then these figures may need inputting into the software. The software will then use this information to calculate bills, hours worked, invoices, etc.

Can a Working Hours Calculator Manage Lunches and Breaks?

If your business employs workers for over 4 hours a day, then a system of breaks and lunches will be in place. This will need to be taken into account in any working hours calculations.

Most short breaks taken by an employee will be paid. But longer breaks, like lunch hours, etc., may be unpaid. This means that any working hours calculator will need to take this into consideration. Most paid software packages will do this automatically.

Can a Working Hours Calculator Take into Account Overtime?

The modern workplace is flexible. So are the hours staff work. If overtime is offered by a business, then the working hours calculator will need to be able to take this into account. Again, most software systems (including spreadsheets) can be ‘set up’ to handle overtime.

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