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Our customers include companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries. They have one thing in common: Each of them has individual requirements, and we treat each of them accordingly.
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Overview of direct personnel costs to manage payroll

With Papershift’s Payroll addon, you always keep an eye on your employees’ gross pay, total payout amount per month, and employees’ hourly accounts.

  • Gross wages in focus

    Gross wages and salaries, taking into account all types of wages, expenses, incentives, and surcharges.

  • An overview of hourly accounts

    Based on the current hourly accounts of your employees, you can identify overtime build-up at an early stage and compensate for it by means of appropriate planning.

  • Payroll with integration

    You always keep an eye on the total payout amount per month for your financial planning. Especially important for small and medium-sized enterprises to be able to estimate the costs for the current month.

gross wages and employee salaries with Papershift payroll automation
Payroll Final balance
comply with documentation requirements of Payroll

Our Payroll is trusted by small and medium businesses

Papershift has been awarded the CyberChampion Award for its solution in roster, employee absence and leave planning and time tracking.

Automation for payroll accounting

The personnel costs required for payroll accounting are calculated automatically and can be exported in the DATEV/SBS-optimized format. This way, the data can be easily forwarded to your payroll office or your tax advisor, where it can be offset against taxes and social security contributions, etc.

Automatic calculation of wage and salary costs

For each employee, store the payroll information once and Papershift prepares the settlement of your personnel costs automatically on the cut-off date.

Payroll addon

Most importantly, comply with the legal documentation requirement

We recommend the Papershift time tracking tools to record the hours of work your employees have worked in the billing. This allows you to easily document the clock-in and clock-out times of your employees as well as their break times.

Papershift working time recording meets the requirements for proper documentation of working hours. The documentation is stored centrally in the Papershift Cloud, giving you access to time recordings, including from the past, at any time.

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Full-Service Payroll

We automate your processes and data preparation in your payroll. Would you like the complete service of payroll, including compliance and verification with legal terms?

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