Auto payroll & wage calculation from rota & timesheets made easy.

Freedom from spreadsheets & inaccurate payroll. Prevent time thefts and process accurate wages in your small & medium business.

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payroll and wages automation software from rota and timesheets by Papershift
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Prevent rota time thefts & process accurate payroll

Payroll is tedious. Has statutory impact. Let’s simplify? Yes, Papershift’s made it HR & Admin friendly

  • Auto payroll from attendance

  • Alerts on inaccuracies

  • Edit & recreate payroll

Papershift Payroll - process automatic payroll and wages from rota timesheet across multiple locations
Alerts on inaccuracies
Edit payroll & recreate

Goodbye to spreadsheets. Set automatic overtime & bonus payment rules

How often have you overpaid your staff due to inaccurate timesheets? Much worse, how often were they under-paid?

View available hours of each employee at a glance and set maximum weekly or monthly hours. Avoid back-to-back scheduling with automatic warning notifications. Set auto overtime and bonus payment rules. We help you spend more time on business and not on payment conflicts

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Secure HR folder with your employee’s digital files, contracts & credentials.

Store your most valuable information safely online. Upload employment contracts & contractual working hours.

Automatically calculate wages and salaries based on the duration of contracts like part-time & full-time. Export timesheets from clock-in records and process payroll accurately. Made HR and Admin friendly to help you focus on staff happiness.

Automate payroll & wages

Secure HR folders with staff skills qualifications and credentials
setup secure punch clock in out terminals at your workplaces with secure PIN or employee sign with Papershift

Real-time attendance & absences of all staff across your locations.

Use Papershift’s time clock app for stationary time recording for your employees. Your employees can simply verify themselves with a PIN number or their signature and can then stamp the beginning, breaks and end of their shifts.

Staff can request time-off or absence directly from the app. The manager can then approve or direct vacation bans during peak seasons. Keep’s communication simple & effective.

Automate timesheet & absence now

All industries, all sizes

Our customers include companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries. They have one thing in common: Each of them has individual requirements, and we treat each of them accordingly.
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Try our solution for hassle-free payroll accounting and automation.

Reminder : You need to grow your business & profits and not spreadsheets & timesheets.

Capterra rates Papershift 4.8/5 in rota planning software