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  • Roster App on Tablet Device

    Get an easy overview of the roster for multiple locations, departments, and teams. Keep up to date with your shift planning and have the flexibility to manage them on the move.

  • Roster App on Smartphones

    Manage team roster also from your smartphone. Empower your employees to view open shifts and apply to them. Increase the visibility of team availability and weekly work schedules.

  • Apply for roster from this app

    Employees can also declare their working time, view open and available shifts, and also apply for such shifts. This helps in seamless communication. Make shift planning easy and fun for all.

Roster app for rota planner on tablet devices from Papershift
Roster app from smartphone for rota planners to manage shifts on the move
Roster app on tablet devices for rota planers and employees to apply for shifts

Shift planning & work schedule from all your devices

The roster app allows you to fully integrate your employees into your processes.

Papershift Plan app - iOSPapershift Plan App android

Roster App on your smartphone

For last-minute changes and confirmation of working hours, your smartphone is a good choice. Your employees can use their smartphone to apply for shifts, correct their working hours or request absences.

You have the possibility to confirm this by clicking, to correct it and/or to ask further questions to the employee. Get the perfect platform for the communication around your roster.

Rota app on your iPad & Tablets

Convenient for Rota Planners & HR managers who plan their workforce on the move.

Papershift Plan app for iPads and tablets is best suited for planners, admins and HR managers who receive surprise last-minute requests for shift swaps or absences. You can quickly accommodate the changes on the iPad and communicate the changes to the employees all in few clicks.

Roster app on your tablet to plan rota on the move

Roster Planning on your PC or Mac

Papershift is compatible with any operating system via your browser. We recommend a current version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Of course, you can also use Papershift to create your roster on your Mac.

Our cloud software is designed as a web app, it acts as a roster app for Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, Windows and Linux devices. During the 14 days trial period you can fully test the Papershift roster software for free. We will be happy to support you with the first steps.

Rota management system from Papershift
automatic timesheet from work rota

Automatic timesheets from Rota or Time clock app

Papershift automatically creates digital timesheets for each employee based on the roster, or from their clock in/out times. Timesheets can include information such as job names or clients, and can be edited and approved with custom user rights.

Our rostering software is bundled with staff time tracking to help you get accurate working hours reports. To know more on our easy to use scheduling software check here.

With our payroll module you can set custom wage types and supplements, automatically creating a monthly report to import into your payroll software.

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Roster App for All industries, all sizes

Our customers include companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries. They have one thing in common: Each of them has individual requirements, and we treat each of them accordingly.
Our success is proven by our customer stories.


Local Bakery, BrotZeit

"What's important was that the planning itself was much faster and more efficient, that you didn't spend too much time typing in everything individually, entering any formulas, and so on."

Darja Scheller,
Local Bakery BrotZeit, 20 Employees


Centrally managing 1000+ staff over 50 locations

"We have been working with Papershift for several months now and the response has been very, very positive from all the restaurant managers."

Alexander Feitsch, TQSR Holding and Development

EDEKA Dirnberger, Food Retail

"By working with Papershift, we were able to reduce our duty scheduling efforts and produce better results. The integrated payroll accounting is particularly helpful, as the wage types we receive are recorded automatically."

Raphael Dirnberger, Branch Manager, 50 Employees


Employee time recording for 60+ stores

"Time tracking with Papershift enables us to record working times centrally at all locations.
Also, the employee's target hours balance is managed automatically. This saves us time and effort. At the same time, we ensure greater transparency and accuracy."

Janina Oliviera, Regional Manager Stores Middle/West

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Papershift Cloud Kunden

Over 200,000 satisfied users cannot be wrong.

With the bundled Papershift's easy to use Scheduling software and rostering software, manage your staff time tracking accurately.

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