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split shifts in the UK explained by Papershift

Split Shifts

Flexible hours are a common perk of shift work, & split shifts are no exception. With the …

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timeboxing practice of productivity at workplaces explained by Papershift


Timeboxing takes out the bias of project end date. This workplace productivity method helps …

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time budgets practices in workplaces and its productivity principles explained by Papershift

Time Budgets

Projects & tasks are delayed most often? There is a fair & proven way to allocate time. Check …

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Free Workplace Calculators – Timesheet, Absence & Payroll

annual leave free online calculator by Papershift
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Annual Leave Calculator

Nearly all workers are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday each year. This is known as statutory leave entitlement or annual leave.

holiday entitlement calculator for employees and workers in UK free tool by Papershift
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Holiday Entitlement Calculator

Working out the holiday entitlement of an employee. All employees have an entitlement to 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday per year. Check yours.

employee bonus schemes and payroll automation explained for small and medium businesses in UK by Papershift
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Payroll Calculator UK

Free payroll calculator for employees in the UK made by Papershift. Calculate your HMRC gross and net pay for free. Tax codes for AA/AB/AC123.

rota timesheet and payroll management for part time employees in Europe explained by Papershift
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Timesheet Calculator

Try your free timesheet calculator. Add your start and end time at work with your default break duration. Calculate weekly timesheet.

employee time tracking the way you want it to work by Papershift
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Working Hours Calculator

Working hours calculator for the week with lunch break and overtime. Calculate hours and minutes worked.

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