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Define working areas

With Papershift you can create work schedules for your entire company. In order to always have an overview, you first define your existing work areas in Papershift. Later, you can add employees and shifts to them – the creation of the roster can begin.

To keep everything clear, you not only have the possibility to view all work areas – you can also switch to the detailed view of a work area at any time.

Create shifts and requirements

The basis for creating a roster is always the requirements. By creating shifts you define how requirements look like in the respective work areas on the different days. In addition, additional information can easily be stored, which is available to the employees.

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Learn more about the abilities Papershift provides you. Choose from our 4 core modules and a number of apps to solve your demands.

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Demand for employees

The number of employees required in the shift


Add shift repetitions


Add notes to each shift


Give shifts more context with keywords

Fill the roster with employees

As soon as the requirements have been created using the shifts, employees must now be assigned to these shifts. This requires the availability of the employees, which can be queried via a variety of options.

The Papershift Schedule App also offers the possibility to easily integrate employees into the processes.

Publishing the roster

At the end it is up to you whether you download the roster and make it available to your employees by printing it out or whether you simply invite your employees to the Papershift system. Your employees can access the current work schedule at any time and from anywhere. In Papershift there are many different ways to send the roster. The times when you had to create rosters with Excel and create your own roster template in painstaking detail are over now. Have fun creating your roster with Papershift.

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Integrate employees

Invite employees to the system and simplify communication

Allow applications for shifts

Applications for open shifts

Check availability

Availability of employees

Rolling Models

Rolling working time models

Allow self-divide

Manage yourself

Allow your own working hours

Choose your own working time

Create absences

Holidays of employees

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Papershift is user-friendly and intuitive to use. Nevertheless every organization has its own requirements. That is why our customer-success team is always available to solve your use case the right way.

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