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Define working areas

With Papershift you can create work schedules for your entire company. To have an easy overview, first, define your existing work areas in Papershift. Then you can add employees and shifts to them – and the creation of the roster can begin.

You not only have the possibility to view all work areas – but you can also switch to the detailed view of a work area at any time.

Create shifts and requirements

The basis for creating a roster is always the staff requirements. By creating shifts you can define how many staff you need in each area, each day. Additional information can easily be stored, which is available to the employees.

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Demand for employees

The number of employees required in the shift


Add shift repetitions


Add notes to each shift


Give shifts more context with keywords

Fill the roster with employees

As soon as the shift requirements have been created, you can assign the employees. If you like, you can see each employee’s availability.

Employees can use the Schedule App to view their shifts, enter availability and request absences.

Publishing the roster

Your staff can view the roster on the Papershift Plan App on their phone, or on their computer. You can also export the roster to save it or print it out. Creating complicated templates in Excel is now over, and you can enjoy using Papershift!

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Integrate employees

Invite employees to the system and simplify communication

Allow applications for shifts

Applications for open shifts

Check availability

Availability of employees

Rolling Models

Rolling working time models

Allow self-assignment

Employee assignment rights

Allow your own working hours

Choose your own working time

Create absences

Employee holiday and sickness tracking

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Papershift is user-friendly and intuitive to use. Nevertheless, every organization has its own requirements. That’s why our customer success team is always available to help.

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