Online human resources management for service and call centers

Always keep an eye on service times and staffing of your call centre

Personnel planning is easy with Papershift

Set requirements and service times

Papershift offers you the possibility to flexibly define requirements for campaigns and to create minimum staffing levels for your service hours. Take advantage of our automatic occupancy of open shifts with one click and save yourself a lot of time with your personnel planning.
The automatic occupancy takes into account, of course, registered availability, absences and the current hourly accounts of your employees.
We are happy to show you the personnel planning for call and service centers in a free and individual demo version.

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Divide employees flexibly

With Papershift, you can keep track of your employees‘ current hour accounts and allow your call center agents to flexibly split them into suitable shifts. If the debit hours are stored in the employee profile, the current hours are displayed in color in the overview next to the employee collection.
This prevents unnecessary overtime build-up and ensures fair service planning.

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Define additional tasks

With the Papershift Tasks module, you can flexibly assign specific tasks to your employees and define times for this. This gives you the opportunity to structurethe shifts of your employees in customer campaigns, for example. Your employees know at all times to whom they are currently assigned and you can list these assigned times later in your evaluation. This way, you can immediately see which employees should not be able to set up further hours at the moment.

Perfect overview of your resources

The Papershift Resource View provides an overview of the current tasks of your call center agents and customer campaigns. Flexibly add employees to open tasks and ensure that you are adequately staffed during your service hours.
Papershift’s Resource View provides you with the perfect overview and allows you to respond quickly and flexibly to short-term changes.

Evaluate all times

Papershift offers you various options for time recording. Of course, you can also import times from external systems such as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). In the evaluation, you then have the option to flexibly filter the recorded times by employees, customers and campaigns and to create individual invoices.

Your digital human resources department

With Papershift, your point of contact for personnel topics can be reached at any time and anywhere with any device.

Papershift's online human resources planning allows your employees to access your roster at any time

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Your live demo: free and tailored to you

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