6 reasons against Excel scheduling

and why you should use cloud software instead

Times are changing – While Excel scheduling was a great relief for shift planners and HR managers until recently, modern cloud systems such as Papershift now provide faster and more efficient ways to manage staff online. The following reasons may help you make the decision to move from Excel scheduling to an online planning tool:

Automatic Timesheets via Roster or App

With Excel, the roster and timesheets aren’t linked at all, and if someone works overtime you have to manually adjust the roster or compare the two. Papershift automatically creates timesheets from the roster which can be edited with a click, or alternatively, employees can clock in and out via the app. Breaks included!

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Automatic calculation instead of formulas

Anyone who has ever created an Excel roster knows that Microsoft Oldie is not easy to use. Formulas and links for calculating working hours or overtime are often very complex and require profound program knowledge. Papershift, on the other hand, is characterized by its intuitive user interface, with not a formula in sight!

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Display what you need to see

Excel is very powerful in its functionality but is lacking in its range of visibility. With Papershift, you can view and filter the shift plan by the hour, day, week, month, employee, team, location, tag – whatever you need!

Flexibility? No chance with Excel scheduling

One of your employees gets ill and is absent at short notice? Cue a whole load of lost time as you have to get to the office, work out who else is available, contact them and update the roster accordingly. With cloud software such as Papershift, on the other hand, you can use your computer, tablet or phone to react quickly and easily to changes, then and publish the new roster with just a few clicks.

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Strengthening employee integration

Paper is lost, handwriting is difficult to read, the email with your employee’s preferred shifts next week goes missing and no-one saw the new roster you sent five messages ago in the WhatsApp group – every shift planner using Excel is familiar with these problems. This is so much easier with cloud software such as Papershift: your employees simply use the app on their phone or log in via browser to see their shifts, request leave and give availability. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also increases employee satisfaction.

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