AutoDS is the world’s number one dropshipping platform. The Customer Support team was already using employee scheduling and time tracking software, but creating schedules and reporting for payroll were still very manual processes that took up significant time each month.

The team is based across multiple countries and continents, so it was crucial that a solution could take this into account. Furthermore, employees have the flexibility to choose which shifts they want to work each week.

Giving employees the choice of shifts

With Papershift, a rolling template of available shifts was set, so that the employees can simply assign themselves to the shifts that suit them each week on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Wherever they are in the world, they see the shift plan in their own timezone.

Compared to our previous software it is a lot faster to create the schedule each week. Also the clear division of roles is very useful.

Einav Marila, Director of Global Customer SupportAutoDS

Time tracking and payroll across multiple countries

The employees use the browser time clock to clock in and out, as well as for breaks. For payroll, supplements are given for working at night, on public holidays, or on weekends. Of course, these are at different times in each country!

With Papershift’s Payroll Module, employee gross pay reporting has been completely automated, saving many hours of work for the finance department each month.

This takes into account the supplements based on employee time zone and the public holidays in their country and automatically creates a report each month to be uploaded to the payroll software.

Onboarding by the Customer Success team

To get everything set up in the Papershift account, Einav was helped by Alexandra, her Customer Success Manager, over a series of video calls. The payroll module was especially important to get exactly right so that the employees received the correct pay. When we asked for her feedback, Einav said:

Alexandra’s help with the onboarding was amazing! She was quick to respond, efficient, and left nothing uncovered.

Einav Marila, Director of Global Customer SupportAutoDS

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Photo by RoseBox on Unsplash