Centrally managing workforce planning for over 1,000 employees at more than 50 locations with paper notes and Excel creates multiple inefficiencies and limits growth.

This is exactly what BURGER KING were experiencing in Austria, but they were quick to address the growing problem by partnering with Papershift to digitize their processes.

Expanding fast in Austria

Founded in the USA in 1954, BURGER KING is the second largest fast-food hamburger chain in the world. In Austria, more than 50 restaurants of the global brand are operated by TQSR Holding and Development as master franchisees. BURGER KING Austria has been expanding rapidly since 2015, opening around 10 new restaurants each year, and now has more than 1,000 employees.

BURGER KING nutzt Papershift Enterprise für einfache und professionelle Online-Personalplanung

Meeting the challenge

Due to the growing number of employees and branches, the company was increasingly confronted with major problems in the area of workforce planning.

The main challenge was the growing number of employees. BURGER KING Austria expands and opens about ten restaurants every year(…). This, of course, makes administration more and more difficult and time-consuming.

Alexander FeitschTQSR Holding and Development

Above all in terms of administration, payroll reporting and time recording, BURGER KING recognised that Excel tables and paper management no longer met the company’s requirements.

Finding the growth partner in Papershift’s Enterprise solution

With Papershift’s Enterprise solution, BURGER KING has managed to digitize their workforce planning and at the same time increase efficiency.

Papershift helps us to make rosters more efficient, to keep the employees better informed and to make the administration of all employees easier for us.

Alexander FeitschTQSR Holding and Development

With Papershift’s online duty roster, BURGER KING can centrally organize rosters at any number of locations. In addition, automating these processes has saved both time and hassle for administration staff and restaurant managers. With online access, employees can view their current roster at any time and are automatically informed of changes.

Time tracking at Burger King with Papershift Time Tracking software

Employees are now also more closely involved in vacation and absence planning. They can request absences in the system and their manager only has to confirm or reject them.

With the Analysis & Reports module, BURGER KING can analyse all data from different locations or departments. At the micro-level, restaurant managers can, for example, report on each department, shift type or employee group in order to improve processes.

Time tracking at Burger King with Papershift Time Tracking software

Making the change

Although employee opinions regarding the switch to Papershift were very divided at the beginning, the reactions are now consistently positive.

We have been working with Papershift for several months now and the response has been very, very positive from all the restaurant managers.

Alexander FeitschTQSR Holding and Development

With Papershift, BURGER KING has been able to simplify and speed up roster planning considerably. Rosters can now be created for a whole week within a few minutes.

One of the reasons for this is that Papershift suggests who to assign to each shift, taking into account staff availability, absences and shift requirements.

Another important feature is Papershift’s reporting functionality: thanks to real-time synchronization, the head office always has up-to-date data from restaurant managers and HR teams at its disposal. This way reports can be generated quickly and important data and key figures can be obtained. This, in turn, helps the head office to improve processes and monitor costs and budget.

Many processes run faster and simpler because the employees are involved from the start – entering their details onto Papershift during onboarding, requesting holiday, reviewing their recorded times and applying for shifts.

With the Papershift time clock app installed on a tablet at the restaurant, employees clock in when they come to work and clock out when they go home. They can also access the roster online at any time on their smartphone, immediately seeing when their shifts have changed.

Since the time we started using Papershift, our employees are much more involved in the shift planning. For example, for an employee to request shift-free days, they have to communicate to the restaurant manager – this is now easily done via the app – and the restaurant manager can take this into account during shift planning. This of course leads to higher employee satisfaction.

Alexander FeitschTQSR Holding and Development

Die Umstellung auf Papershift hat bei BURGER KING nicht nur zu gesteigerter Effizienz geführt sondern auch zu zufriedenen Mitarbeitern und Gästen

In addition, Papershift supports BURGER KING Head Office in complying with legal requirements such as daily maximum working hours or minimum rest and break periods.

The future is now

The success story of BURGER KING and Papershift does not end there. BURGER KING is constantly striving to increase the efficiency and happiness of its employees, and as part of this is working with Papershift to optimise employee scheduling based on sales and demand planning using artificial intelligence.

Hundreds of restaurants use Papershift every day to simplify their staff planning. If you would like to learn more about how Papershift can help your business, simply request a demo with our sales team or start your free trial below.