Coulsdon Dental Clinic is a leading dental practice based in South London and has been providing exceptional dental care for patients for the last 100 years.

They were previously using spreadsheets for rota planning, but this was time-consuming as changes often had to be made and sent around again, and leave had to be manually entered each time.

With Papershift, the practice has brought rota planning, leave management, and timesheets all into one place, saving at least four hours every week in admin time. Employees clock in and out on the Time Clock App on a tablet to create digital timesheets and can use the mobile app to view their shifts and request leave.

I looked at other options on the market but found Papershift to be the most user-friendly, with a lot of options to automate processes. It has improved visibility a lot.

Aman SinghCoulsdon Dental Clinic

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Photo by Peter Kasprzyk on Unsplash