Enabling CTR Secure Services to manage scheduling & staff time tracking online

CTR Secure Services is one of the leading providers of total security solutions within the UK and Europe. They were previously recording staff availability and assigning them to jobs with spreadsheets, which involved a lot of hassle to coordinate and couldn’t be accessed from home.

As a use case, their typical day includes –

With Papershift, CTR Secure Services could bring staff availability, jobs, and timesheets all together into one place, accessed by a number of admins. This significantly reduced the time required for planning and also enabled the admins to easily work from home during the Corona period.

I’d just like to say that Papershift has been amazing for us at CTR. It has really helped with scheduling and saves time as before we had multiple paper folders and excel sheets that was a nightmare!

Gabrielle Littlewood, Operations CoordinatorCTR Secure Services

Have a look at our field services use case video here:

It’s been great also as it has allowed people to work from home! Which is a plus at the minute. But honestly, after using it now for a few months, we wouldn’t know what to do without it. Thanks so much for your help when setting it all up and answering my hundreds of questions, much appreciated.

Gabrielle Littlewood, Operations CoordinatorCTR Secure Services

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