Reducing weekly planning by 10 hours with Papershift

YoungCapital closes the gap between education and business by offering training and traineeships that match the needs of the job market. At YoungCapital NEXT, young people combine learning with working. They are trained in a profession that is in high demand and immediately apply their knowledge in practice.

YoungCapital is a modern-day staffing agency focused on young talent. They are the liaison between their clients and a pool of thousands of candidates.

For a typical day, their use case includes –

  • Getting staffing requests from client companies, along with the required number of hours
  • Allocating the positions to the right candidates
  • Recording timesheets for hours worked, to use for payroll

Hear how Papershift’s scheduling software helped YoungCapital, by Karin van der Gragt, Managing Director Germany:

Automating processes and using the Papershift API

YoungCapital schedule thousands of candidates with Papershift, and previously the task of contacting the candidates about openings and booking them in was taking each recruiter around 10 hours every week.

With Papershift, recruiters can simply enter a client’s available shifts in the software, and the candidates with the right qualifications can see them and apply. Recruiters can then confirm the placement in a click. This has reduced the 10 hours right down to a few clicks every week.

Using the Papershift API, the client company can then see which candidates have been booked in to work their shifts.

The customer also has access to digitally created timesheets and can approve them. Using Papershift’s Workflow Module, timesheets are automatically approved based on defined rules, keeping manual work to a minimum.

Choosing a scheduling software that is easy to use

YoungCapital started with Papershift in 2017. The need for online scheduling software was spurred by the higher demands set by their clients, who requested for YoungCapital to take on more of their recruiting processes. On their lookout for a workforce management solution to automate their planning process, Papershift came in.

One of the most important criteria for YoungCapital to choose Papershift was the ease of usage. In their words as quoted –

I think what other people should know about Papershift is, it’s a simple and easy system. And it sounds easy but you have a lot of software on the market that is much too complicated in my opinion and Papershift is easy. Easy to understand, easy to use and easy to work with, for our company it’s the most important.

Karin van der Gragt, Operations DirectorYoungCapital NEXT


YoungCapital reduce their planning hours after using Papershift scheduling software

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