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General Terms of Use for the Papershift Internet Portal

Papershift – Papershift GmbH, Amalienbadstraße 41d, 76227 Karlsruhe – welcomes you, the user of our website, and thanks to you for your interest. On our website, you will find various information about our products, customers and our company in general. The conditions of use for our website are summarized on this page.


  1. Foreword
  2. Responsibility, scope, contractual relationship
  3. Services
  4. Registration, login
  5. Data protection, data transfer
  6. Data by you
  7. Usage, rights of use
  8. Intellectual property
  9. Liability and warranty
  10. Liability for content
  11. Copyright, Performance protection, and Image rights
  12. Ancillary protection, Subsidiary agreements & Applicable law

1 Foreword

Papershift is a rapidly growing company from a young, international team of motivated and diverse people. We have values ​​that we live by. We are proactive and transparent. We love feedback and want to develop. We are authentic, dynamic and we like simplicity. We are a team.

We create and sell software for other companies. The focus is on the topic of online workforce planning in the sense of duty planning, time recording, absence management, payroll, and master data management.

For the open and fair exchange, please observe the following rules:

2 Responsibility, scope, contractual relationship

For Papershift’s website (hereinafter also: Website / Internet portal) under the domain»papershift.com« is Papershift GmbH, Karlsruhe (hereinafter also: we/us) responsible.

Unless statutory provisions apply, the Papershift website is used within the framework of these “General Terms of Use”. In individual, access-protected areas or if we have agreed with you (or with a third party for whom you act) in individual cases, additional or special conditions may apply that take precedence over these ‘General Conditions of Use’. You accept these conditions if and as long as you use our website. If you do not (any longer) agree to these terms, you may not (continue) use our website.

The mere use of our website, even if you actively participate in the exchange of views (e.g. through a comment), does not create a contract, employment or employment relationship – however, it is called – between you and Papershift.

3 Services

Papershift has information and/or documents (hereinafter also: content) on its website that you can access or download. Unless there is an explicit reference to a cost obligation for individual offers, we offer our service free of charge (you only bear your own connection charges and the costs for the (own) access means used yourself).

4 Registration, login

Some areas of our website can only be accessed and password-protected after registration. Papershift is not entitled to register (to gain access to these areas).

Papershift can also protect previously freely accessible parts/websites at any time by registering (login).

Papershift is entitled to revoke your access authorization at any time and with immediate effect without having to be justified, in particular, if you

  • (Have) violated the agreed terms of use, violated
  • Your due diligence in handling the access data,
  • In damaging / act / have acted fraudulently or have
  • Not used the access-protected area for a longer period of time.

In connection with the registration, additional terms are agreed between Papershift and you, which are pointed out separately in the registration process.

5 Data protection, data transfer

You can read which data we collect, process and store and how we protect it in our data protection declaration.

The use of our website, including contacting you, is generally permitted anonymously or under a pseudonym.

6 Data by you

Use of Papershift does not tolerate unwanted advertising (spam). Use the contact data published on the Papershift Internet portal only for the purposes stated there, for self-information or if you have been given prior written consent.

The commercial use of such data (e.g. automated collection) or to send unwanted advertising (spam) is expressly prohibited.

You must not make third-party (personal) data on a Papershift portal only for a limited group of users (e.g. only after logging in), do not collect, transmit, change, save or delete it if You no longer have the required authorization.

Third-party (personal) data that is not intended for publication in the Papershift system must not be made accessible, collected, transmitted, changed, saved or deleted.

If you suspect that you have been the victim of data theft, do not hesitate to contact us.

7 Usage, rights of use

Fair, legally compliant use

Use our website for “common good” and refrain from doing anything that harms others. When using the Papershift website, you are therefore prohibited, in particular, from causing harm, in particular minors, or violating their personal rights;

  • Violate industrial property rights and/or copyrights or other property rights;
  • Transmit malware (Trojan horses, viruses, worms, etc.);
  • Use our website and/or addresses thereof to distribute advertising or unsolicited emails (spam) or inapplicable warnings (against malware, malfunctions, etc.) or to participate in competitions and the likes. To request (snowball, chain letter, pyramid play, and comparable systems);
  • Enter, save or send content or links that you are not authorized to, especially if such content or links are illegal;
  • or to violate common decency with your usage behavior.

Meet people with whom you come into contact with the same respect that you claim for yourself.

Usage rights

Papershift grants you when using this website, unless something else was not in the individual case agreed to a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the content for its own purposes.

The content may not be distributed, rented or given to third parties at any time without our express consent. You may not edit, translate or extract parts of the documents provided if you no longer have our consent or are not authorized to do so by law (e.g. right to quote).

8 Intellectual property

Regardless of the aforementioned provisions in this chapter of the general terms of use, information, brand names and other content on our website to which you do not have your own rights may not be modified, copied, reproduced, sold or rented without the prior written consent of the rights holder, used, supplemented or otherwise used.

Outside the usage rights expressly granted above, you are not granted any other rights of any kind, in particular, the company name and industrial property rights (patents, utility models, brands, etc.), nor is Papershift obliged to grant you such rights based on the use.

9 Liability and guarantee

The availability of the website is only guaranteed within the framework of the technical circumstances. Intermittent failures of the service cannot be ruled out and do not justify any claims against Papershift.

Services that are not subject to a special contractual relationship (which also includes the operation of this website itself) can be discontinued at any time without notice and without notice.

Please note that data transmission over the Internet (e.g. when communicating by email) has security gaps and cannot be completely protected against access by third parties. If in doubt, choose the postal route.

10 Liability for content

The content of our website was and is carefully created and updated regularly. However, we assume no liability for the correctness, completeness, and topicality of the content. We are responsible for our own content according to general laws. We are not obliged to monitor third-party content on our pages – in particular, guest posts or comments – or to search for circumstances that indicate illegal activity. We will remove the content immediately as soon as we become aware of a specific violation that justifies removal.

Use of the content of our website is at your own risk; The information is only for non-binding general information, should, if necessary, prepare your actions in a more thorough manner, but does not replace detailed individual advice for a (contract) decision.

For this reason, please do not trust the information to be correct, complete or up-to-date if its incorrectness could damage you!

Liability for links

This Papershift website may contain links to third-party websites (external links). Such websites are the responsibility of the respective operator.

Papershift would like to make interesting information and useful, but occasionally also critical, accessible to you via external links. Sometimes a link is only for the (mandatory) reference and can therefore not simply be left out. The setting of external links does not mean that Papershift makes the content behind the reference or link its own, especially since the external content is (can) be subject to permanent change.

Papershift has established an internal process that ensures that when linked to external content for the first time, it is checked in the usual way to determine whether there are any legal violations. If a violation of the law is evident at this time, if the external link is set at all (e.g. because we are obliged to do so),

this link will be marked with a special representation (award). However, Papershift has no influence on the current and future design as well as on the content of the linked external pages!

Please help to make the Internet as free as possible from legal violations: If you discover one on a page to which we have set an external link, please send us an email or contact us. We assure you that we will immediately check the links to such content again and remove them if necessary.

Other liability, liability for malware (viruses)

Papershift’s liability for material and legal defects is based on the aforementioned provisions of these general terms of use; for the rest, Papershift excludes liability for services, in particular when downloading files made available by Papershift on the websites mentioned here for slightly negligent breaches of duty, provided these do not relate to essential contractual obligations, life, health or body or claims under the Product Liability Act, Claims due to the assumption of a quality guarantee or claims due to fraudulent concealment of a defect are affected. Compensation for negligent breach of essential contractual obligations is, however, limited to the contract-typical, foreseeable damage. The same applies to breaches of duty by our vicarious agents.

Papershift constantly strives to keep the website and its content free of malware (viruses). Nevertheless, Papershift cannot guarantee that the website and/or its content are always virus-free. For your own protection, always ensure that you have adequate and updated security measures and virus scanners before downloading and opening content from the Papershift website.

The above regulations do not change the burden of proof to your disadvantage.

11 Copyright, Performance protection, and Image rights

Copyright and Ancillary rights

ancillaryancillaryThe content published on the papershift.com website – which also includes images – is subject to copyright and ancillary copyright law. Any use outside the limits of the applicable copyright law requires the prior written consent of Papershift or rights holders (authors).

This applies in particular to the duplication, editing, translation, storage, exploitation, processing or reproduction of content in databases or other electronic media and systems.

The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of individual content or entire pages is not permitted and may even be punishable. The display of this website in external frames is only permitted with the written permission of Papershift.

Papershift has the right to use all images on the papershift.com website. However, we refrain from listing the copyrights in detail, since there are many pictures. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about individual images.

If you discover content on a page of ours that you believe violates your (or third-party) rights, please send us an email or contact us. We assure you of an immediate clarification.

Right to your own picture on our website

The persons depicted on the Papershift website have consented to publish the image on our website.

If despite careful checking of the content, an image has been published that you believe violates this principle or if you wish to have the published photo removed (permissible withdrawal of consent), you can send this to Papershift in writing (simply by email or Fax). Please describe the picture as precisely as possible and indicate which side it is on.

Papershift will immediately remove the image (s) from the affected Papershift websites and will no longer use them in the future if the publication violates the aforementioned.

12 Other, Subsidiary agreements, Applicable law

All subsidiary agreements must be in writing.

German law applies to the exclusion of the UN-purchase law. This choice of law applies to consumers only as this does not conflict with mandatory legal provisions of the state in which the consumer is habitually resident.

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