The requirements for workforce planning in the retail industry are many and dynamic, the occupancy of the right specialists in the respective department, the different target hours of full-time and part-time employees and the fluctuation of customers make planning difficult. Furthermore, many different wage types and flat rates have to be calculated at the end of the month. A tool is needed which combines these aspects and is clear and easy to use. Finally, the duty rotas must be able to react flexibly to changes and be visible to all employees anywhere anytime.

With Papershift, we were able to reduce our workload on workforce planning and produce better results. The integrated payroll accounting is particularly helpful, as the wage types we receive are automatically recorded.’

Raphael DirnbergerMarktleiter, EDEKA Dirnberger

Papershift streamlines duty roster scheduling

Raphael is happy that ‘Papershift covers their growing requirements; especially in the area of duty roster/shift planning in Edeka by helping them manage their workforce centrally from one application’.

Each working area can be set up when the duty rota is used. By saving ‘tags’ in the employee profile, the individual working areas can be stored in the employee profile. If, for example, you want to look at the occupancy in the  ‘cash register’ area, only the relevant employees are displayed. This reduces the planning effort and automatically ensures correct allocation.

In order to record the differences in the number of hours for full-time, part-time and part-time employees, target hours can be stored for each employee. The hours’ account fills up during shifts/duty rotas thanks to integrated real-time time tracking, so HR teams or rota planners and employees can keep an eye on whether all hours have been covered.

‘Notes’ can be saved during resource planning. If, for example, Saturday is busier, additional employees can be assigned here.

Papershift’s automated payroll system supports payroll accounting at the end of the month. All paid gross amounts are listed compactly. Wage types, flat rates and expenses are automatically recorded. This data can be easily exported and used for all other common accounting programs such as Datex and thus link Papershift with payroll accounting.


A winning combination – Edeka with Papershift

The Edeka Dirnberger have automated their entire duty roster planning with Papershift. The different areas in the retail can be classified easily, wrong or double occupancies are avoided by Papershift software. The legal framework for all employees is adhered to by the deposit of target hours. At the end of the month, 70% more time is saved through automated payroll accounting. The integration makes life easier for payroll accounting. Tedious and time taking Excel tables are a thing of the past.

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