Edeka – automating supermarket staff planning with Papershift

Workforce planning in the retail industry has complex requirements, such as scheduling for multiple departments, dealing with employee availability and customer fluctuation.

What’s more, many different wage types have to be calculated at the end of the month for the payroll, and rosters need to be updated daily and be visible to employees anywhere, any time.

With Papershift, we were able to reduce our workforce planning workload and produce better results. The integrated payroll accounting is particularly helpful, as we can take different wage types into consideration.’

Raphael DirnbergerStore Manager, EDEKA Dirnberger

Papershift streamlines roster scheduling

Raphael is pleased that Papershift covers their growing requirements, especially for shift planning, where many hours’ work each week have been saved.

As Papershift brings shift requirements, employee availability and absences all together in one place, rosters can now be completed in a few clicks. This has also increased employee satisfaction as their preferences are taken into account when planning.

With Papershift’s payroll accounting system, the gross employee pay is automatically created each month, taking into account different wage types. This data can be easily exported and uploaded to payroll software.


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A winning combination – Edeka with Papershift

Edeka Dirnberger have automated their entire roster planning with Papershift, streamlining staff capacity planning and avoiding scheduling mistakes. At the end of the month, 70% of the previous time required is saved through automated payroll accounting. Tedious and time-intensive Excel tables are now a thing of the past.

Hundreds of retail stores use Papershift every day to simplify their staff planning. If you would like to learn more about how Papershift can help your business, simply request a demo with our sales team or start your free trial below.