The modern approach to personnel planning

The working schedule software that saves time and spares your nerves in personnel planning. Everything is online and the online personnel planner offers access to all your employees.

The cloud-based personnel planner

Online personnel management: duty rota, holiday planner, time loggingand evaluations.

The personnel planner is available on all devices, at any time and anywhere
Online Personalplaner Papershift

Shift schedule

Easily create shift schedules with the online shift planner

Der Papershift Online Personalplaner inklusive Urlaubsplaner

Holiday planner

Manage employees' holidays in the online holiday planner

Online Personalplaner mit vielen Möglichkeiten der Zeiterfassung

Time logging

Easy online time logging, mobile or via a terminal

Online Personalplaner mit Auswertung und Abrechnung


Evaluate personnel data and prepare payrolls

Expand with any desired add-ons and apps

Expand the online staff planner with additional use cases.

Discover apps

  • Automatic work schedule

    Plan personnel deployments online while always having an eye on working hours and time accounts

  • Clearly structured holiday planning

    Online holiday planner with calendar and automatic calculation of holidays and working hours

  • Flexible time logging

    A suitable time logging model for every type of employee: mobile, on site, or online

  • Comprehensive evaluation

    Evaluate everything graphically and automate your payrolls

Lassen Sie mit dem Personalplaner online automatisch Ihren Dienstplan erstellen
Übersichtliche Urlaubsplanung im Online Personalplaner
In dem Online Personalplaner lassen sich alle Arten der Zeiterfassung integrieren
Auswertungen und Berichte im Personalplaner von Papershift

Your digital HR department starting today

Provide your employees with a central point of contact for HR matters

The personnel planner offers many different time logging options

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