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The holiday planner for every device

Papershift is the central location for managing holiday plans, sick days, further training, maternity leave and any other reason employees might be absent in your company.

  • Group employees by type

    Adjust the calendar to suit your preferences and see all important information.

  • Employee hours in real time

    The holiday planner shows you all available holidays in real time.

  • Keep an eye on scheduling conflicts

    Papershift shows all scheduling conflicts in one overview.

conflicting absences in shift planning

Find everything, anytime, anywhere.

You only need to search once with Papershift. Quickly search through all absences according to the criteria you need and find exactly the one you are looking for.


Approval process for managing holidays

Set approval processes and delegate responsibility to various employees in the holiday planner. Define locations, departments and teams and give those with responsibilities a place within the hierarchy. Discover the new way for companies to deal with holiday planning.

Create specific absence types

Create as many absence types as you wish and define how each one is to be compensated. This may include absences due to parental leave, further training, seminars, holiday, time off in lieu and all manner of other reasons.

In this way, Papershift’s holiday planner gives you a perfect overview of absences among your staff.

Export as: pdf, csv, xls.

The online holiday planner is also ready-to-print: just select the desired format for exporting the year’s holiday plan and print it out. You can also use this information to evaluate employee absences, identify policies for continued pay or make the information available for payroll accounting.

Plenty of analysis options

Analyse and evaluate all information, such as absences in real time and generate reports for budget planning.
Compare the data with external data in Papershift to gain a more accurate understanding of your business.

Analyse data on employee absences and improve your personnel planning

Online holiday planner

Have your employees already submitted their holiday dates? Manage holiday planning now at your company with Papershift’s holiday planner. Papershift’s online holiday planning system is simply and easy to operate, giving you a quick overview of your employees and flexible planning options.

Allow your employees to request time off themselves and see when dates have already been approved, helping you to avoid staff shortages. This is an absolute must, particularly for small and medium-sized companies.

Time for your holiday

We’ll be happy to help you with your personnel management and optimised planning so that you too can enjoy a relaxing holiday.

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We help you set up your account for the online holiday planner by establishing employee types, holiday policies, notification features and areas of responsibility in holiday management for management staff.

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