Staff management across 60+ stores

mymuesli is a fast-growing niche food brand. With an increase in the number of retail stores at different locations and the complexity involved in workforce planning, it became critical that mymuesli find an efficient and comprehensive solution to automate their rota planning, employee time tracking and payroll reporting. Furthermore, mymuesli required the time tracking data collected at each store to be centrally accessible to the HR team.


The search ended with Papershift

mymuseli’s requirements were easily covered by Papershift. With the Time Clock App installed on a tablet at each location, the working hours of all employees could easily be recorded. All clock in and out times, as well as breaks, could then be viewed at the store level by each manager, and at the company level by the HR team, to use for payroll.

With Papershift’s Payroll Module, different wage types and salaries can then be applied to the recorded times to create the payroll report, taking into account supplements for Sundays and national holidays. Employee overtime and time off in lieu can also be easily managed.


Time tracking with Papershift enables us to record working hours centrally at all locations and to automatically manage the employee’s hourly account. This saves us time and effort. At the same time, we ensure more transparency and accuracy.

Janina OlivieraRegional Manager Stores Middle/West, mymuesli

Shift Planning with Papershift

mymuesli uses Papershift for their entire workforce planning. Each store manager can create rosters much quicker than before – the employees use Papershift to indicate their availability each week, and then the shift plan can be created in a few clicks. This is especially helpful as it gives the employees flexibility and means the store managers no longer need to call each one to ask when they will be available.

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Hundreds of retail stores use Papershift every day to simplify their staff planning. If you would like to learn more about how Papershift can help your business, simply start your free trial below.