Challenges hindering the progress of mymuesli

mymuesli is a fast-growing niche food brand. With an increase in the number of retail stores at different locations and with the complexity involved in workforce planning, it became critical that mymuesli find an efficient and comprehensive solution which will automate their duty rota planning, employee time tracking and payroll. Further, mymuesli required the time tracking data collected at each store had to be accessible centrally for HR teams.


The search ended with Papershift

The emerging requirements in retail can be easily covered with Papershift. Our cloud products offer solution to centrally manage the workforce planning with automatic shift/duty rota planning, time tracking and payroll preparation.

In workforce planning, the storage of target / actual hours ensures that every employee is divided fairly and transparently into duty rotas. All hourly accounts are filled in real time so that overtime or other scenarios can be avoided.

Papershift Time clock app allows the working hours of all employees to be recorded separately at each location. All clock in and out time recorded appear directly in Papershift Cloud and do not have to be entered manually again – annoying Excel spreadsheets are therefore a thing of the past. HR teams can thereby map the corresponding wage to the time recorded for each employee and prepare accurate payroll.

The automatic preparation of payroll accounting reduces the collection and validation of time-wage records for payroll accounting. The automatically filled hour accounts are evaluated automatically. Other wage types such as salary can also be recorded automatically. In addition, the software also has provisions to include wage payments for working hours on Sunday and holiday.


Time tracking with Papershift enables us to record working hours centrally at all locations and to automatically manage the employee’s hourly account. This saves us time and effort. At the same time, we ensure more transparency and accuracy.

Janina OlivieraRegional Manager Stores Middle/West, mymuesli

mymuesli moves forward with Papershift

mymuesli uses Papershift cloud software products for the entire workforce planning.  In their words – ‘The ability to manage each location individually is a great relief. In addition, payroll can be prepared much more effectively and easily. Furthermore, the wage types for full and part-time and temporary staff are automatically recorded and calculated’

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