From Spreadsheets to a Scheduling Software – the Story of Specialist Electrical Solutions

Specialist Electrical Solutions is a leading electrical company. Their team of highly qualified electricians services both houses and businesses. Based out of southeast England, they are renowned for their happy clientele. Their clients have repeatedly endorsed them for commitment, quality of service, and workmanship.

Specialist Electrical Solutions were looking for software to help them, schedule electricians, to jobs across South East England.

With spreadsheets, they had the following problems –

  • The overview of who was assigned to what job was not always clear.
  • It was possible to double book the electricians.
  • With multiple people working on the spreadsheet, there was room for error.

Using Papershift the team can now easily see which electrician is free for a job, and then assign it to them with relevant notes and details included. The electricians can then see all of this live on the mobile app.

It’s been fantastic – life-changing compared to using spreadsheets. In combination with our other systems, it works really well.

Michael Simm, DirectorSpecialist Electrical Solutions

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Photo by Антон Дмитриев on Unsplash