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See your shift plan, request leave and apply for shifts on the app

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  • Shifts and working hours at a glance

    With the Papershift Shift Planning app, you can easily view the shifts you have been assigned to on your smartphone or tablet. At the same time, you can keep track of your colleagues' shifts through the Team Plan.

  • Apply for shifts on the move

    Apply for shifts that are available in the Papershift roster and check the status of your shift application at any time - simply in the app.

  • Allocate yourself to shifts

    If your employer allows this, you can allocate yourself directly to shifts and manage your own working time.

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Shift Planning App and Online Roster possible on every device

Papershift is the central platform for your rosters. The shift planning app allows you to fully integrate your employees into your processes, saving you a lot of time in planning and coordination.

Shift planning app for work rota online

Shift Planning App On your smartphone

For last-minute changes and confirmation of working hours, your smartphone is a good choice. Your employees can use our shift planning app to apply for shifts, correct their working hours or request absences.

You have the possibility to confirm this by clicking, to correct it, and/or to ask further questions to the employee. Get the perfect platform for the communication around your roster.

Shift Planning App on your iPad and Tablets

Convenient for Planners and HR managers who plan their workforce on the move.

Papershift Shift Planning app for iPads and tablets is best suited for planners, admins, and HR managers who receive surprise last-minute requests for shift swaps or absences. You can quickly accommodate the changes on the iPad and communicate the changes to the employees all in few clicks.

Roster app on your tablet to plan rota on the move

On your PC or Mac

Papershift is compatible with any operating system via your browser. We recommend a current version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Of course, you can also use Papershift to create your roster on your Mac.

Our cloud software is designed as a web app, it acts as a roster app for Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, Windows and Linux devices. During the 14 days trial period you can fully test the Papershift roster software for free. We will be happy to support you with the first steps.

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