Game of ‘Shifts’ | #3 – Absence & vacation management

You did not get into the business of managing employee absences. But we did. Here is a simple guide for stress-free and enjoyable staff absence management.
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  • Last updated: June 30, 2022
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absence management with papershift

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You did not get into the business of managing employee absences. But we did.

Employee absences, leaves and vacations are often the blind spots in shift planning. If not managed well, they will hurt. It will hurt the team, the shift and also the employee who has taken the absence. Papershift understands this blindspot and has absence and vacation management well integrated into the shift planning system for seamless and quick planning.

All information about your resources and employees is key to making informed duty rosters. This ensures all team members are informed well in advance regarding their schedules and there is clarity amongst everyone.

Papershift, as always has made this very easy and simple to manage for shift planner, admins and HR professionals. It also provides you with the opportunity to automate and organize absences.

( Create and manage absence types. Easy and automated )

Just create the absence types, assign employees who can avail it. Mark them with colours so that they are easy to identify in your absence calendar view of all employees. Go further in calculating the reduction of working hours basis predefined settings. Configure them once and you are settled forever.

Let us move further and understand how would you allocate ‘vacation days’  or ‘Annual leave’ to employees. Once configured, all the future vacation days of employees will be deducted from the annual leave automatically.

( Create and manage ‘Annual leave’. Simple )

If you would like to talk to us further on any specific requirements here or would like a personalized demo to see it in action from our agents, then leave us a note for a free demo here. Or if you would like to directly book a time slot with our Account managers, you could look at their calendar slots here and book one – Book with Chris, Book with Tim.

Now let us look at employee absence requests and approvals.

How would you, as shift planners and HR admins like all your employee absence requests showed to you on a single screen? With details including start and end date of absence, every employee’s pending annual leave and with the option to approve and reject. We know you would love it.

( Absence requests and approvals in a single window. 1 click only )

Free personalized demo

Do you need to plan a company-wide or a team-specific plan, meeting or get-together? It is then important to get a bird’s eye view of the absences and vacations of all your employees. This is where the absence calendar view helps you.

A quick calendar view across months to quickly understand the spread of absences and vacations of your employees. The absence types can be differentiated based on the text or also on the colour. You can view the approved leaves, open requests and rejected absences all in the same calendar view.

As always, the focus is on keeping the solution simple and easy for you to use and has enough elements to keep you well informed while making a decision on absence or shift. Managing employee absence is easy with Papershift.

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