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Online shift Scheduling made simple and fun

A recipient of the CyberChampions Award, Papershift is one of the leading Cloud-based applications for workforce management.

  • Easy overview

    Instantly see different shifts, teams, and locations. Allow your employees to request leave or apply to shifts, then create a rota that suits everybody in a few clicks.

  • Employee hours in real time

    View assigned hours per week or month as you create the shift plan. See if employees are over their contracted hours or set rules to prevent this from happening.

  • Keep an eye on scheduling conflicts

    See which shifts are not yet filled and who is available to work. Easily avoid double-booking employees or assigning a person to a shift they are not qualified for.

online workforce scheduling software from Papershift - sort the working areas easily
check employee available hours in realtime with Papershift rota scheduling tool
check scheduling conflicts and manage rota schedules better with Papershift rota scheduling tool

Get your employees involved

Allow your employees to set their own availability, request time off, and apply to shifts they are qualified for – all easily online and from anywhere. You can then create a rota that suits everybody in a few clicks. Employees can see their shifts on the Papershift app, including job details and notes.

dynamic rota planning possibility with rota scheduling tool

Set any Shift pattern

Set rolling shift patterns so you never have to copy and paste again. If an employee is absent, instantly see which shifts need a replacement and who is available with the right skills.

Let our AI assign your staff

For larger organisations, Papershift’s auto assign function can automatically fill your shift plan, taking employee availability, shift rotation patterns, absences, rest periods and more into account.

Automatic timesheets

Papershift automatically creates timesheets for each employee based on the roster, or from their clock in/out times. Timesheets can include information such as job names or clients, and can be exported to be used for payroll. They can also be edited and confirmed with custom user rights, to ensure a smooth process at the end of the month.

Create reports and conduct analyses

Papershift’s report module allows you to learn more about your business. Recognize employee workloads, spare capacity, staff shortages and much more. Anticipate your personnel needs and use this to plan your budget accordingly.


CTR Secure Services
Scheduling 100+ technicians to customer sites and recording timesheets

"I’d just like to say that Papershift has been amazing for us at CTR. It has really helped with scheduling and saves time as before we had multiple paper folders and excel sheets that were a nightmare!

It’s been great also as it has allowed people to work from home! Which is a plus at the minute.

But honestly, after using it now for a few months, we wouldn’t know what to do without it.
Thanks so much for your help when setting it all up and answering my hundreds of questions, much appreciated."

Gabrielle Littlewood, Operations Coordinator


Centrally managing 1000+ staff over 50 locations

"Papershift helps us to make shift planning more efficient, helps keep the employees better informed, and makes the administration of all employees easier for us."

Alexander Feitsch, TQSR Holding and Development


Specialist Electrical Solutions
Scheduling electricians to jobs across the South East

"It's been fantastic - life-changing compared to using spreadsheets. In combination with our other systems, it works really well."

Michael Simm, Director


Weyline Taxis
Scheduling staff across several offices and recording timesheets

"Papershift does exactly what you want it to do - the shift plan doesn't let you plan people who are away and it's also very easy to see which employee you're planning.

It just works really well."

Tracey, Administration Assistant


Employee time recording for 60+ stores

"Time tracking with Papershift enables us to record working times centrally at all locations.
Also, the employee's target hours balance is managed automatically. This saves us time and effort. At the same time, we ensure greater transparency and accuracy."

Janina Oliviera, Regional Manager Stores Middle/West

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Our customer support is an important component of the product we offer. Papershift isn’t just a shift-planning program, but an online personnel planning solution.

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Capterra rates Papershift 4.8/5 in rota planning software