bookingkit is Europe’s leading all-in-one booking solution for tours, activities, and attractions. The software offers online ticket bookings including payment processing, centralized management and control of promotions, and synchronized marketing across the most important marketing platforms – with access to over 360 million potential customers.

This makes bookingkit a smart booking solution for the event sector but is also suitable for gyms, hotels, museums, and many other industries where appointments, events, or visitor management is needed.

What makes bookingkit unique?

bookingkit can easily and quickly be integrated on your website and allows for uncomplicated booking flows thanks to the smooth payment process. Customers see available slots for the respective events, which you align with a staffing requirement based on the number of participants.

Once the integration is set up, the offers booked through it can be added directly as shifts in Papershift, making your workforce planning much easier. You simply align staffing requirements based on the number of attendees and the system generates the appropriate shift directly in Papershift, where the appropriate employees are automatically suggested to you. Using our application functionality, employees can then be integrated into the event planning process straight away.

In short

  • Online bookings for all industries: The online booking system is fully customizable, includes resource management, payment processing, and can easily be integrated into your website.
  • Tailored to your corporate design: The website module can be customized to match your company’s design and extended with optional payment methods.
  • Smart integration with Papershift: You are presented with suitable employees for the booked events – based on qualifications, the number of attendees, and the availability of the respective employees.

How does the integration with bookingkit work?

  • Enabling the API: Feel free to contact us for this – the API is a programming interface that allows the bidirectional exchange of information.
  • Out of the box: bookingkit offers a Papershift integration out of the box and will gladly take care of the uncomplicated initial setup in coordination with you.

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