curaMED from the Swiss software provider Swisscom is cloud software for occupational, specialist, and general practitioners that helps you to optimize the administration of your medical practice. curaMED is a standardized software with extensive configuration options. Among other things, it helps your practice administration with digital patient onboarding via an online questionnaire, online appointments, or fully automated invoicing including shipping.

Swisscom complies with the strict Swiss data protection regulations and is compliant with the GDPR. You don’t need to worry about the complex issue of data protection. The digital patient file includes document management, diagnoses, allergies, disease progression, and other data you require in day-to-day business. The software helps you to better structure your everyday practice and patient management.

What makes curaMED unique?

The integration synchronizes employee master data as well as attendances and absences, such as vacations/holidays and illnesses. Physicians’ scheduling takes place fully in curaMED, including relevant patient data, while everything related to staff is recorded in Papershift.

You maintain your digital patient records and, if required, also extend the software to include medication planning, pharmacy management and ordering, as well as invoicing and shipping. Swisscom offers a modular ecosystem for your medical practice for this purpose.

In short

  • All-in-one practice software for doctors: curaMED from Swisscom is where the daily routine of your medical practice and patient management takes place. Important employee data such as attendances or absences are transferred from Papershift and taken into account for optimal practice management.
  • Appointment management and patient file: Each doctor is directly assigned appointments, including patient records & medical history.
  • Easy changeover: Swisscom supports you in the changeover of your previous practice software and facilitates the introduction with individual consulting and continuous support during the rollout.

How does the integration with curaMED work?

  • Enabling the API: Feel free to contact us for this – the API is a programming interface that allows the bidirectional exchange of information.
  • Out of the box: Swisscom offers a Papershift integration out of the box and will be happy to take care of the uncomplicated initial setup in consultation with you.

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