With our reports module (Insights) you can visualize various data from Papershift with the help of graphs.
You determine which data is of interest to you and can relate it to each other for much more in-depth planning, as well as evaluation of your own business. Once created, your reports update automatically every time you open them and you always have the current status of the respective data at hand.

Use and connect all data from Papershift or external sources for an individual overview of your company. For example, get an overview of the sick hours in your company or in a specific department, an evaluation of the working days of short-term mini-jobbers, and much more.

With the help of our reports, you can now determine where there is still room for optimization in your company because you can only really benefit from the data collected if it is also evaluated.

If you are not yet using Papershift Insights, you can start a free trial of our reports. You can find the module in the left navigation bar of your Papershift account (Graph icon). All reports created during the trial period will be preserved should you decide to book the add-on later.

Open questions?

For more information about the Insights add-on, we have several articles in our helpdesk that will hopefully answer all your questions. Here you can also find various sample reports that you might find helpful.  If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us via the chat (speech bubble at the bottom right) or via email to: [email protected]. We can of course also be reached by phone at: +44 203 398 9175


For annual payment: €1.50 per employee and month
For monthly payment: €2 per employee and month

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