Using the Opushero Marketplace, job vacancies can be easily created by companies and filled just as quickly by established staffing agencies. Whether on a temporary or permanent basis – with suitable qualifications and recruiting process directly in Papershift.

Short-term recruitment has never been easier than with Opushero and Papershift. The cloud software provides you with the interface to numerous staffing companies and makes it easy for you to respond to short-term staffing shortages. Whether you are in the agricultural industry, a manufacturing company, logistics, retail, or hospitality.

What makes Opushero unique?

Opushero and Papershift close the loop when it comes to staff planning. The recruiting process is completely managed by Opushero, and finally transferred to Papershift with the employee onboarding. Staff scheduling, employee management, time tracking, and, in due course, employee offboarding all take place via Papershift.

Through our joint integration, we combine both solutions into one and quickly and easily help you fill open shifts, especially in seasonal operations or in the event of order-related staff shortages.

In short

  • The link between companies and staffing service providers: You have access to numerous temporary employment agencies and staffing agencies that you can contact in the event of short-term staff shortages or special requirements. Benefit from being able to compare different offers in one overview, without complicated contractual obligations towards the respective companies.
  • Recruiting and onboarding: Recruiting is handled using Opushero and transferred to Papershift with employee onboarding – the employee lifecycle takes place here.
  • Seamless Papershift integration: You can access forecasting, workforce planning, and recruiting directly from one platform.

How does the integration with Opushero work?

  • Enabling Hosted Pages: Feel free to contact us about this – Hosted Pages are frames that allow you to seamlessly integrate other platforms into Papershift.
  • Jump straight into recruiting: Opushero offers you free entry into the world of recruiting thanks to the 30-day trial period and will be happy to advise you on your initial setup.

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