Don’t waste time on doing your employees’ payroll. Instead, use Papershift’s payroll add-on. Tracked working hours are automatically forwarded to payroll and can easily be sent to your tax advisor in various formats.

Even charging allowances for working on Sundays, holidays, night shifts, or other bonuses can be done automatically. Create all defined allowances that your company needs, and decide which allowance you want to apply to each employee. Our payroll add-on then takes care of the correct accounting.

Payrolls can be created manually, or even more conveniently, automatically at a specified time. Afterward, the payrolls can be downloaded and forwarded to the appropriate office. Whether DATEV, SAGE, EXCEL, CSV, or PDF – with Papershift’s payroll you have a wide array of options.

Our Tip:
Payroll becomes even more practical with time tracking via the time clock app.



For annual payment: €3 per employee and month
For monthly payment: €4 per employee and month

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