Personio is the leading HR software in Europe. From recruitment to termination, the platform provides a complete solution for managing your employees and ensures excellent integration of your employees through Employee Self Service.

What makes Personio unique?

With more than 130 software partners, the platform has a broad ecosystem that can be integrated into all business areas. With Papershift, there is now a better anchor point in customer segments that do not rely on screen-based workplaces, e.g. retail chains or manufacturing companies.
Employees can be acquired and managed entirely in Personio, from where the transfer to Papershift is automated. This eliminates the need for duplicate data maintenance for employee creation, archiving and maintenance of absence and time recording.

In a nutshell

  • HR management for all sectors: Personio is easy to use and at the same time scalable to structures with several thousand employees.
  • Comprehensive platform: Personio has more than 130 integrations. This makes the platform the hub of your internal business structures.
  • Intelligent interface with Papershift: Created employees can be automatically transferred to Papershift and updated. Absence and time records can be transferred bi-directionally.

How does the integration with Personio work?

Activate the API interface: Contact us for this – the API is a programming interface that enables a bidirectional exchange of information.
Out of the box: The integration between Papershift and Personio is preconfigured. We will be happy to take care of the simple initial configuration in cooperation with you.

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