Fresh bakes, fresh perspective

If you want to bring a breath of fresh air into a traditional industry, you have to do things differently. Since 2011, Local Bakery BrotZeit has stood for traditional baking, but with modern thinking.

BrotZeit creates organic specialties made from regional ingredients, such as sourdough bread, sweet pastries and French tarts. Above all, BrotZeit values sustainability, and this can be seen across the entire value chain. Ingredients are regionally procured, electric delivery vans are used, and packaging materials are environmentally friendly.

Die Kommunikation zwischen den Mitarbeitern und mit den Kunden ist wichtiger Teil der Unternehmensphilosophie der BrotZeit

Redundant time tracking processes

To ensure quality and attention to detail, the BrotZeit team has to be careful with its time planning. Employee working hours were being recorded exclusively by hand using timesheets, which were then entered individually into an Excel spreadsheet. As a result, time recording was very inaccurate and the process itself was time-consuming.

Precise time recording is very important here, as BrotZeit employees are paid on an hourly basis and must comply with the associated legal requirements, such as minimum wages and break times.

Die BrotZeit-Mitarbeiter sind an allen drei Standorten im Einsatz. Für die Dienstplanung bedeutet das einen hohen Planungsaufwand

Papershift to the rescue

For employee time tracking, BrotZeit found the solution in Papershift’s Time Clock app, installed on a tablet in each location. The employees clock in and out on the app, as well as registering breaks, and their working hours can then easily be viewed and reported on by the store managers. One particular benefit was that store managers could now look up employee time trackings from anywhere, and on any device.

Setting up the Papershift Time Clock was actually very simple as the app is very self-explanatory

Darja SchellerLocal Bakery BrotZeit

Not just time tracking

Although the focus was primarily finding a suitable employee time tracking solution, BrotZeit now also relies on Papershift for duty rota scheduling and workforce planning.

BrotZeit uses Papershift’s online rota planner to organize the complete duty scheduling at its three locations. The biggest challenge was to structure the previously confusing duty roster and to organize the deployment of employees across locations and working areas. With Papershift, BrotZeit was able to implement a fixed duty rota with a regular rotation, saving time in workforce planning.

Planning is now much faster and more efficient, you don’t need to spend too much time typing in everything individually, entering formulas and so on […] the process is now almost fully automated.

Darja SchellerLocal Bakery BrotZeit

Compliance with legal regulations is no longer a problem either, thanks to time clock rules that can be defined by BrotZeit. Papershift alerts the store manager as soon as an employee exceeds their contracted hours, and break times are automatically deducted from working hours according to the set rules.

Durch die Unterstützung von Papershift können sich die BrotZeit Mitarbeiter mehr auf ihre eigentlichen Aufgaben konzentrieren und haben mehr Zeit sich um ihre Kunden zu kümmern

Happier employees

Working with Papershift has become an integral part of everyday life at BrotZeit. In the beginning, older employees were still unsure about the new system, but they have overcome this over time and appreciate the flexibility that the software provides.

With Papershift, I can do my roster planning at the lake

Darja SchellerLocal Bakery BrotZeit

A partner in progress – Papershift

As BrotZeit grows, so will its workforce planning challenges. The team at Papershift are looking forward to working together with BrotZeit to solve these, not just as a software provider, but as a partner.

Hundreds of retail stores use Papershift every day to simplify their staff planning. If you would like to learn more about how Papershift can help your business, simply start your free trial below.