Papershift and Local Bakery BrotZeit success story

If you want to bring a breath of fresh air into a traditional industry, you have to do things differently. Since 2011, ‘Local Bakery BrotZeit’ has shown that this does not necessarily mean a break with tradition. The young company stands for traditional baking, but with modern thinking.

BrotZeit’s concept: organic baking specialties made from regional ingredients, high-quality bread, sweet pastries, and French tarts. But above all, it advocated as much manual work as possible and as few machines as possible. Papershift was at the center of this in helping BrotZeit organize its workforce and time tracking so that you have enough time and a sharp focus for the essential things: their bakery products, their craft, and their customers.

Time for change and courage to rethink

Tradition at the BrotZeit above all was sustainability. This can be seen along their entire value chain. In addition to regionally procured organic ingredients, recipes developed in-house and in-house sourdough, the focus is on sustainability in the use of exclusively electric delivery vans, the use of green electricity from hydropower, and the use of environmentally friendly or reusable packaging materials.

Die Bio-Backwaren der Lokalbäckerei BrotZeit werden aus regionalen Zutaten in Handarbeit hergestellt

It was important for the company that all employees share this philosophy on sustainability and that there is an open exchange between the working areas and among the employees. This is why the employees do not work in isolation in their respective working areas: by connecting the production room to the salesroom, the artisan bakers can participate directly in the positive feedback and suggestions from the customers. In return, the sales team is in close contact with their colleagues in production. In this way, they always know about products and ingredients and can provide customers with detailed information.

Die Kommunikation zwischen den Mitarbeitern und mit den Kunden ist wichtiger Teil der Unternehmensphilosophie der BrotZeit

In addition, the employees are not bound to a specific work area or location. They are deployed across all locations in all areas and are trained accordingly in order to be able to participate in all processes within the company.

In addition to the commitment of the employees, another ingredient influential for the success of the company is ‘Time’. It is crucial for the quality of the products, e.g. in the form of the unusually long dough, which makes the BrotZeit bread particularly tasty, juicy, and wholesome.

Challenge with redundant systems for time tracking

In order to live up to the claim for quality and attention to detail, the BrotZeit team has to be careful with its time planning. However, this was limited by the previous form of time recording and planning. Working hours of employees were recorded exclusively by hand using timesheets. These timesheets were then entered individually into an Excel spreadsheet. As a result, time recording was very inaccurate and the process itself was time-consuming.

Precise time recording is very important here, as BrotZeit employees are only employed on an hourly basis and must comply with the associated legal requirements, such as minimum wages or break times.
The opening of new locations had also made workforce planning and creating duty rosters increasingly complex. Numerous work areas and shifts made the planning process confusing and complicated.

Die BrotZeit-Mitarbeiter sind an allen drei Standorten im Einsatz. Für die Dienstplanung bedeutet das einen hohen Planungsaufwand

Since neither employees nor superiors were satisfied with the situation, the BrotZeit team came to the conclusion that the Excel tables had become obsolete and set out in search of a simple and modern time tracking and duty roster planning system.

What was important was that the planning itself was much faster and more efficient, that you didn’t need to spend too much time typing in everything individually, entering any formulas and so on.

Darja SchellerLocal Bakery BrotZeit

Preserve and nurture with Papershift. One-stop software for Duty planning & Time tracking

BrotZeit found their solution with the Papershift Cloud, with the help of which they could handle their workforce planning processes easily and efficiently online.
With the Papershift Time tracking solution, BrotZeit got various options for employee time tracking: automatically via the allotted hours in duty rotas, online via the browser clock, stationary via the tablet clock, or mobile on the smartphone with the Timeclock app. All methods have one thing in common: the recorded working times are synchronized in real-time with the Papershift Cloud and stores there automatically.

BrotZeit had decided to implement time tracking via a stationary time recording terminal. They were particularly impressed by the simple setup and ease of usage of the Papershift Timeclock app.

The setup of Papershift Time clock was actually quite simple because the app is very simple and self-explanatory’.

Darja SchellerLocal Bakery BrotZeit

‘In everyday life, the app has so far been convincing across the board, making the collection, control, and documentation of working hours faster, more reliable, and more convenient for everyone involved.’

‘The employees come in the morning, clock in, clock the break, and clock out themselves. I simply have the opportunity to access it from anywhere, no matter where I am, no matter what device I am using – and if someone has forgotten to clock the time themselves out or something else happens – I can look it up and intervene immediately. It saves me a lot of time.’

Darja SchellerLocal Bakery BrotZeit

Although the focus in the search for a software solution was primarily on solving employee time tracking, BrotZeit now also relies on the Papershift Cloud for duty rota scheduling and workforce planning.

BrotZeit uses Papershift’s online duty rota planner to organize the complete duty scheduling at its three locations. The biggest challenge was to structure the previously confusing duty roster and to organize the deployment of employees across locations and working areas. With Papershift, BrotZeit was now able to implement a fixed duty rota with a continuous rhythm, thus saving time in workforce planning.

‘In the past, we had many more working areas in sales, but now we have been able to optimize and make this more efficient. Our workforce planning is now almost automated.

Darja SchellerLocal Bakery BrotZeit

Compliance with legal regulations is no longer a problem either, thanks to time clock rules that can be defined by BrotZeit. Papershift software informs as soon as an employee exceeds his target hours. Break times are automatically deducted from working hours according to the set rules.

Durch die Unterstützung von Papershift können sich die BrotZeit Mitarbeiter mehr auf ihre eigentlichen Aufgaben konzentrieren und haben mehr Zeit sich um ihre Kunden zu kümmern

In addition to the functionality and user-friendliness, the flexibility of the modular software offering convinced BrotZeit to go for Papershift. Since Papershift is industry- and platform-independent and the Timeclock app can be used on both Android and iOS devices, BrotZeit was able to adapt the system exactly to their needs.

You don’t have to buy expensive hardware, anyone can use Papershift from anywhere, you use it and you pay for it. And if you don’t use it anymore, you don’t have to pay for it anymore.

Darja SchellerLocal Bakery BrotZeit

Happier employees and more time on core strengths

Working with Papershift has become an integral part of everyday life at BrotZeit. In the beginning, older employees were still inhibited about the new system and the new technology, but they have overcome the insecurity.

Die Erfassung der Arbeitszeiten geht bei BrotZeit mit der Papershift Stempeluhr-App jetzt einfach per Click

iPads are placed at all three locations of BrotZeit as stationary time tracking terminals. All employees have become accustomed to using Papershift and appreciate the added value in terms of time and flexibility that the software provides.

With Papershift, I can also do my duty planning at the lake, any time, any place.

Darja SchellerLocal Bakery BrotZeit

A partner in progress – Papershift

It has already been proven that the concept of the ‘Local Bakery BrotZeit’ is a success. In the years since its foundation, two more branches have been opened and numerous new delicacies have been conceived and developed. But of course, this is not the end of the story and there are certainly still many creative and tasteful ideas in the skillful hands of the BrotZeit team.

As BrotZeit grows, so will its challenges in workforce planning. We at Papershift are looking forward to participating in this development in the future and to accompanying and supporting the team of BrotZeit on their way up.

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