Family Journeys is a charity providing non-judgemental and affordable support for all families in crises from separation, including mediation, family contact centres, children’s groups, and support for parenting apart.

The staff operate out of four contact centres, and creating the shift plan with spreadsheets was incredibly time-consuming, taking around eight hours a week. One of the difficulties in planning was that employees had constantly changing availability each week. We have elaborated risks and losses incurred by companies due to rota planning with spreadsheets here.

With Papershift, employees can easily enter days they cannot work via the mobile app, and the shift plan can then be created in a few clicks.

I cannot overstate how much time Papershift has saved the admins when planning the roster. It also gives our staff the opportunity to see the plan in advance and pick up shifts that are available. The system is just brilliant!

Sam Easton, ManagerFamily Journeys

Due to the nature of the work, staff requirements often change last minute, and with spreadsheets, it was very difficult to keep up to date with the latest plan. Papershift solved this nicely as employees always see the latest version of the schedule.

Easy to use rota planning software from Papershift


The team very quickly adjusted to using Papershift and employees found using the software intuitive. We asked for some feedback once Family Journeys were fully onboarded:

I arranged a 2-month review and asked the staff for their feedback. Everyone loves it, finds it easy to use, and much more convenient than a spreadsheet. We could not go back to the way things were, not now, not EVER!!

Sam Easton, ManagerFamily Journeys

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Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash