Game of ‘Shifts’ | #2 – Assigning shifts and the magic wand

If you haven’t read the first part in this series, then head...
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  • Last updated: June 30, 2022
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shift assignment

If you haven’t read the first part in this series, then head out here – #1 – Creating shifts in simple steps

We understand the most challenging part of the shift planning process is assigning your employees to the shifts. 

It could be simple if you just have simpler scenarios, wherein you have fewer employees, a handful of working areas, and locations to manage. Let us take a simple scenario where you have an open shift and you would like to assign individual employees to it.

Then here you go. In the ‘Calendar view’ of Papershift, you get an instant view of both your employees and open shifts in a single screen. Just click on the name of the employee and tap over the open shifts to assign the employee to the shift. Job done.

( Assigning individual employees to a shift. Just 2 clicks )

Let us move further and look at your everyday scenario of assigning multiple employees to a shift. You still remain at the ‘Calendar’ menu to do this task. Just click on open or incomplete shift and in the ‘Assignment’ window click on the names of employees to assign them to this shift. While you do this, the overall hours, allotted hours, and pending hours of every employee is always visible to you next to every employee. Helping you make informed decisions every time.

( Assigning multiple employees to a shift. Simple )

If you would like to talk to us further on any specific requirements here or would like a personalized demo to see it in action from our agents, then leave us a note for a free demo here. Or if you would like to directly book a time slot with our Account managers, you could look at their calendar slots here and book one – Book with Chris, Book with Tim.

What if you had to assign the same employee to recurring shifts? While we keep adding to the complexity in the scenario, it does not get complicated in the software. It gets much simpler and easy.

Just hover next to the name of the employees who have been already assigned to the shift in the ‘Assignment’ window and click on the recurring icon. Job done. 1 click.

( Assigning employees to a recurring shift. Easy )

Free personalized demo

Several factors have to be considered while assigning an employee or multiple employees to the shifts. Factors such as –

  • Existing shift requests from employees
  • Shift overlaps
  • The minimum rest period between shifts
  • Availability for recurring shifts
  • An employee with least assignments for the week

and the list could go on depending on the flexibility allowed at work. It thus becomes critical and tedious for the shift planner or admin to assign the right person. All this while ensuring the convenience and happiness of the employees as well. Well, to make this easier and convenient for you, we have the magic wand of ‘Automatic assignment’

( Automatically assign employees to shifts. That was quick and easy )

It’s the focus on simplicity that makes our customers love using Papershift. Every complex task is broken down into simple solutions in just a few taps. Have you tried Papershift yet? Get a free personalized demo to get started.

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