Staff Scheduling & Time Tracking across 6 Locations for Weyline Taxis

Weyline is the biggest taxi operator in England’s busy towns like Weymouth and Portland. With a large fleet of over 90 vehicles, they service round the clock.¬†Weyline Taxis has six offices with 24/7 cover by administration staff.

The scheduling challenge was that

  • Each staff member should be assigned the correct number of shifts per week and could work across multiple offices.
  • It was essential that there was always a person scheduled to cover each office at each shift.

It was also important to report on the number of total staff hours worked in each office per week and to record timesheets for the staff.

With Papershift this was all easily accomplished. The shift template covers the six offices and staff can be clicked in and out of shifts to create the plan. The number of staff required per shift is set, and it is instantly visible if a shift is understaffed, as it turns red in the overview.

Click Employees into Staff Schedule

Papershift does exactly what you want it to do – the shift plan doesn’t let you plan people who are away and it’s also very easy to see which employee you’re planning. It just works really well.

Tracey, Administration AssistantWeyline Taxis

Whilst creating the shift plan, the total hours planned per week or month for each staff member are clearly visible.

Digital timesheets are automatically created from the shift plan once a shift has ended, and staff can then easily edit the timesheet to add if they worked overtime. These are then reviewed by management and exported for payroll.

The staff can also see which shifts they have been assigned on the mobile app, as well as requesting holidays or applying to open shifts.

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Photo by Dil on Unsplash