Game of ‘Shifts’ | #4 – Employee time tracking

If you haven’t read the previous part in this series, then head...
  • Author: Siva
  • Last updated: June 30, 2022
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employee time tracking

If you haven’t read the previous part in this series, then head out here – #3 – Absence and vacation management


This 4 letter word is eternal. The first men, had managed this and divided them into hours, days, weeks and months and created calendar’s to manage and take control of time. Man has always evolved on managing time with various tools and systems. In the contemporary context, it is still an engaging and administrative topic.

Especially in workforce management, HR professionals and shift planners have the tedious and critical job of managing the time of employees. Here in this blog, we will exactly tell you the various options and simple ways for you to enable time tracking in your business. We would recommend you to read our other blog detailed on this topic – Employee time tracking the way you want it to work. Check your options.

time tracking types

( Via shift plan, Browser time-clock or iPad – you choose )

As employees and HR professionals, you would need flexibility with the different options for time tracking.

The most preferred way of a stationary device in the form of an iPad or an Android device could be the perfect fit for organizations who have employees reaching the workplace to clock in and out. But there could be other scenarios like a travelling salesperson or account managers, employees working from home – then it becomes ideal to provide them with a solution to help them clock in and out from any remote location they are. This is where the browser time clock helps.

As HR teams we provide you with the flexibility to instantly provide these solutions to your employees to help them get the seamless experience in time tracking. In a single pane in the Papershift software, you can just quickly choose from the drop-down of options to enable an employee time tracking basis their nature of work and convenience for the organization. This ensures employee convenience as well as taking care of the accuracy of time logging, which in turn is a critical parameter for payroll.

To ensure such critical pieces are never missed out and you stay on top of these things, as well ensure employee happiness, we provide you with the access to assign the rights to employees from a single screen. Simple. Easy. Papershift.

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manual time tracking

( Create manual time records. Just 2 clicks )

Scenarios where you may need further control in creating manual time records for employees or edit already recording time tracking, as HR teams and admins, you would get control for the same. These can be useful in scenarios where the employees were negligent and did not clock in clock out on time or completely forgot about it.

If you would like to talk to us further on any specific requirements here or would like a personalized demo to see it in action from our agents, then leave us a note for a free demo here. Or if you would like to directly book a time slot with our Account managers, you could look at their calendar slots here and book one – Book with Tim, Book with Chris.


confirm time tracking

( View time records of all employees in a single page to approve )

Get to see the status of all the time records created by employees through all sources via shift plans, browser time clock or via iPad clock on a single screen. You could choose to auto-confirm all the time recording or manually look at them and approve it. Again single screen. 1 click. Simple. Easy. Papershift.

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