The HR add-on turns Papershift into a digital staff file. Various employee information, documents, and contracts can be uploaded and managed online. In addition, documents can also be created directly with the information from the employee profiles. This allows employee profiles to be expanded into a digital personnel file.

Through our employee check-in, employees can even fill out a pre-defined questionnaire when they first log in, allowing them to transfer all important information directly into their digital employee files.

The onboarding process can also be digitized with the help of the HR module. This saves time, reduces potential sources of error, and also has the advantage that all employee data can be accessed from anywhere. Of course, this is done in compliance with data protection laws.


Open questions?

For more information about the HR Add-on, we have some articles in our helpdesk, which hopefully can answer all questions. However, if you still have some questions, we can be reached via chat (speech bubble at the bottom right) or via email at: [email protected]. Of course, we are also available by phone at: +44 203 398 9175


For annual payment: €4 per employee and month
For monthly payment: €5 per employee and month

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