Free: Download Rota template for daily, weekly and monthly rota planning

Download free excel templates for rota planning from Papershift by clicking on the button below. But did you know that there are simpler and more fun ways to manage rota planning for your teams online?

With Papershift online rota planning tools you can reduce your planning time by 90%. Over 200,000+ Rota planners in Europe trust and enjoy our system. We encourage you to take a free trial or book a free demo with us, but in the meantime, please download the rota template.

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Still not convinced with online rota planning from Papershift?

We can help you with a free online demo tailored to your needs. In the demo appointment, we will show you the possibilities to quickly create and manage your team rota in minutes and not hours. Once the Papershift demo account is set up you can also play around and look at all the features and possibilities.

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Further questions about Papershift free excel templates for rota planning

What can I do with it?

You can download it for free and open the excel sheet with MS Office or LibreOffice and customize it based on your teams’ needs. Further, you can also print the final version of your rota and publish it for your employees.

Is it really free?

Of course, it is. Just download and start using them.

What's these free excel templates have to do with Papershift?

Papershift has nothing to do with the excel templates. These are free services that are offered to help users get their daily work done. It can be used as an interim or a temporary solution until you move to Papershift rota planning software.