Why is everyone asking about Papershift Plan app?

The new Papershift Rota app for employees. It’s free. You’ve waited a...
Plan app

The new Papershift Rota app for employees. It’s free.

You’ve waited a long time for it, now it’s finally time.  The free Plan App from Papershift. Employees can manage their Papershift roster from now on comfortably on their smartphone or tablet.


The Papershift Plan app simplifies and expedites the planning of your employee working hours and shifts. Giving you more control over your duty roster scheduling.

With Papershift Plan you can also apply for free shifts and gain more control over your working hours.

Free and easy

The Papershift Plan App is a free supplement to your Papershift Web App.
Download and install the Plan app, log in with your Papershift access data (email + password) – and you’re ready to go!

Employee shifts and working hours clear and convenient

With Papershift Rota App you can easily view the shifts you have been assigned to on your smartphone or tablet. At the same time, the Team Plan allows you to keep track of the shifts of your colleagues.


Tap to ‘Apply for shifts’

Apply for shifts created by your shift manager or admin and check the status of your applications at any time – simply in the app.

Self-assigning function

Divide yourself into shifts (if the option has been approved by your admin) and customize your roster to your needs.


More features will follow soon!

For example, shift swaps or creating absences.

manage rota timesheet and employee absence management on the cloud
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