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Undeniably, the conversation continues on coronavirus. The world stands together with the infected people. Stringent measures like increasing social distance, reducing social contact, travel bans are being enforced to contain it.

The consequences go far beyond the infected people. The stock markets are in a free fall. The working class and economy have taken a hit. Analysts call it a ‘Covid-19’ recession in the making.

”It is paramount of the working class to continue business operations¬†to preserve economic life as much as possible within the adversities possible.

Fortunately, software and IT professionals have the solace and luxury of ensuring business continuity and keeping the economy in check by enforcing home office and remote work.

Although, the task is cut-out for HR managers, operation managers, chief operating officers (COO) and professionals who are involved in providing the required tools and environment for remote communication. There is a huge spike in adopting digital tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom conference to aid the digital conversation.

In-line to this, the challenges of managing a team working remotely are aplenty. For instance, tracking employee work hours, break duration and maintaining its accuracy. We discuss easy and proven Papershift solutions to help you with it.

How to track time when not at the office?

Browser time tracking

Allow employees to clock-in and out from any location. Enable time tracking directly on the place they spend their maximum time on – their browser. A quick and easy way to help employees declare their working hours and break duration right from their browsers.

Smartphone time tracking

Time tracking can also be done via your smartphone with our ‘Track app’.

Your employees; be it the full-time, short-time workers, contracted employees, part-time or the student interns, their time records are precisely available with hourly account tracking.

How to manage shift planning of all employees remotely?

Papershift has enabled several companies and shift planners to manage the planning, scheduling, and allocation of employees to shifts from a central location with ease. Check out our solutions in simple steps here –

If you have any questions to get these tools adopted and quickly implemented for your organization, write to us here and we will get back to you within a few hours and help you and your team implement remote work practices efficiently.

Norbert Levajsics