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Simple and fast scheduling

Create a work schedule

Work scheduling with Papershift is fast and simple. The first step is to create your schedule and define shifts for each of your working areas. Next, assign your employees to shifts with only one click. Or you give your employees a free hand and have them enter their shifts themselves.

Work scheduling works so smooth, your online rota fills itself almost automatically. You can then print out your shift plan or send it to your employees in various ways.

Create a work schedule with shift work requirements

The basis for creating a work schedule is always the staff requirements. By creating rosters you can define how many staff you need in each area, each day. Additional information can easily be stored, which is available to the employees.

Manage absences easily

Manage work schedules, absences, vacations or time tracking of all your employees on any online device. This way you can easily confirm absences or approve requests with one click. This leads to a fully automated HR process.

Create reports and conduct analyses

Papershift’s report module allows you to learn more about your business. Create customised reports such as number of sick leave hours per month, hours worked per shift type or staff costs per project.

Demand for employees

The number of employees required in the work schedule


Add staff scheduling repetitions system


Add notes to each work schedule


Give shift work more context with keywords

Publishing the work schedule with our software

Your staff can view the work schedule on the Papershift Plan App on their phone, or on their computer. You can also export the roster to save it or print it out. Creating complicated templates in Excel is now over, and you can enjoy using Papershift!

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  • Capterra User Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 for Papershift
  • Proven Expert customer reviews: 96% recommendation for Papershift
  • Cyber Champion 2014/15 frü Papershift

Work scheduling

Schedule your employees online.

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Manage absences

Manage your abscences and vacations.

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Time tracking

Choose from various ways to track your employees working hours.

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Payroll accounting

Automated payroll accounting for all your employees.

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Award-winning work scheduling software

“Papershift has the potential to change the HR market significantly. The combination of modules such as shift scheduling with elements of time tracking, payroll accounting or absence planning already indicates where the software is headed.”

Daniel Karszt, Head of CyberLab

We’re always here to help you set-up your work schedule

Our customer support is an important component of the product we offer. Papershift isn’t just a shift planning program, but an online work scheduling solution.

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