Which Papershift package is rightly suited for you? FAQ on Pricing inside.

Every aspect is transparently communicated to help you understand what value our software will be adding to you and what you will be paying for.
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choosing the right Papershift Saas plan for your business

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Every aspect of Papershift pricing explained for you

If you have had an interaction with our team you will have noted, that it is our goal to always help you make an informed decision. Every aspect is transparently communicated to help you understand what value our software will be adding to you and what you will be paying for. This blog is an answer to all your frequently asked questions on the various plans and packages. As always, our goal is to help you make the right choice for yourself and your team with all the information required.

Papershift ‘Premium’ package

This package is our customers’ darling. Our most loved pricing package. It is the highest subscribed package.

It has a reason it is cheered and preferred much. It includes the most sought features like –

  • Shift planning and schedule calendar
  • Shift plan export and an Email notification to employees
  • Employee time tracking via Browser clock and via the Shift plans assigned
  • Employee absence calendar and HR approval system
  • Multiple locations can be created and managed
  • Roles and rights functionality for security and integrity

and there are more. Basically, you can get started with this package to quickly digitize your workforce management. It is ideal for teams that would have between 1 and 20 employees. Especially found useful by businesses such as retail & trade like supermarkets, pharmacies; food businesses like bakery and restaurant; medical practice clinics, eldercare and daycare centers; fitness and recreation centers; banks and media business.

To know more, we encourage you to get a personalized demo from our team or sign up for a free trial.

There are additional apps and add-ons that could be beneficial to your team. If you plan on digitizing further processes relating to shift planning like your payroll, then we have you covered. Discover our apps and add-ons here.

If you have more questions on the license cost, cost of additional add-ons like Papershift Time clock app, Papershift Payroll and the cost of a one-time set-up fee, then scroll down to the FAQs to know more.

The price of our Premium package license is EUR 8 per employee per month (Payable yearly). 

Papershift ‘Professional’ package

This package is highly recommended and suggested by us for teams which are larger in number. As in more than 20 or 30 employees. This is why most of our Premium package customers upgrade to “Professional”, once their organization is growing. Larger teams require speed. Much faster schedule planning, allocation of resources and accountability. If this is your key requirement, then our ‘Professional’ package will be the right one for you. Businesses like manufacturing and industrial production, IT companies & call centers, project business and construction would be an automatic fit for this.

The highlight of features in this package –

  • Automatic shift planning and employee assignment – much faster scheduling
  • Audit logs for every user on time tracking and absence – for accountability and clarity
  • Mass import of shifts, employee holiday entitlement and employee data from Excel
  • Advanced roles and responsibility – flexibility for large teams
  • Priority support from Papershift

*Professional package includes all the features from the Premium package

The price of our Professional package license is EUR 10 per employee per month (Payable yearly). 

Papershift ‘Enterprise’ package

As the name suggests, it is packaged for enterprises. The focus is high on ensuring our software sits together and merges well with the existing IT infrastructure and the various other software used by the enterprise. It thus involves customizations and changes to our API to appropriately fit into the existing system. A dedicated account executive from Papershift will also be part of the complete journey. If you have more than 100 employees and would require a customized solution, we request you to get in touch with us via [email protected] or call us at +44 20 39660889

You might have more questions relating to these packages and their pricing. Check these FAQs below and if you still do not find your question, feel free to post them here and we will get back to you first.

FAQs on Papershift Pricing

  • How much will it cost me? What is the cost of a license?
    • Well, a simple answer would be EUR 8 per employee per month onwards (payable yearly) with the Premium package. But we are eager in ensuring you get the right package and right value out of it. Thus, we could tell you the exact pricing and package advised for you after hearing out your challenges and goals. As they say ‘Penny wise and pound foolish‘, we would not prefer our customers to decide the package based on the price but, on the value, we generate for you.
  • What is the price of the add-on packages?
    • Time clock – 2 EUR per employee per month (Payable yearly)
    • Payroll – 2 EUR per employee per month (Payable yearly)
    • Tasks –  1 EUR per employee per month (Payable yearly)
    • HR – 4 EUR per employee per month (Payable yearly)
    • Insights – 1.50 EUR per employee per month (Payable yearly)
  • I have a very small team, I would like to have all your features and add-on, what are my options?
    • Papershift would like to encourage smaller teams as well to get benefitted from the best technology and product. Thus we have a customized package, which is available only on request. The ‘Startup’ package from us includes all our features and add-ons. It can be used by a team with a maximum of 5 employees using it. It can be purchased at EUR 49 for 5 employees payable monthly.
  • Do all packages incur a base fee?
    • Yes, all packages will incur an additional base fee of EUR 49/month or EUR 490/year.
  • Are all prices inclusive or exclusive of tax?
    • All the prices mentioned are exclusive of local taxes. 
  • How do I go live after purchasing Papershift?
    • Papershift is very intuitive and easy to use and also has immense help documents in the helpdesk including videos and webinars. Our customers find it very easy to set-up and serve the account themselves. Further, if you would require our assistance in setting up the account and handhold you till you go live, our Customer success team could help you with one time set up services. The prices start from EUR 300 for until 10 employees and grow depending on the number of employees. Contact us for getting much detailed information on your personal quote.
  • What is the price for monthly subscriptions?
    • Premium package – 9 EUR per employee per month
    • Professional package – 11 EUR per employee per month
    • Time clock – 2.50 EUR per employee per month
    • Payroll – 2.50 EUR per employee per month
    • Tasks – 2 EUR per employee per month
    • HR – 5 EUR per employee per month
    • Insights – 2 EUR per employee per month
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