What made us take this decision after our participation in Events?

What do you think kept us during the good part of September...
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  • Last updated: June 30, 2022
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What do you think kept us during the good part of September and October 2019? 

Well, it were the ‘Events’, Papershift participated in. Our motivation to help planners and HR teams in simplifying their workforce management got a bigger leap with all the love and adulation we received at the events we participated in the past month.

The highlight was our presence at the 20th anniversary of the Zukunft Personal Europe. It included over 770 exhibitors who showcased products and solutions to cater to the entire spectrum of the HR sector. And in October we were at the specialist event for Dentists and practices – Fachdental Südwest. And at the end of it all, we took an important decision. Well, we reveal that at the end of this blog!

Rockstar Papershift team at the ZPE 2019

Peek into our rockstar team who put up consulting hats to hundreds of visitors and helped them simplify their shift planning and time tracking process.

We loved the animated conversation with our visitors and customers. If you are one amongst those who missed us at the event, we can always catch up now. If you would like to talk to us further on any specific requirements here or would like a personalized demo to see it in action from our agents, then leave us a note for a free demo here. Or if you would like to directly book a time slot with our Account managers, you could look at their calendar slots here and book one – Book with Tim, Book with Mevlona.

Papershift agents have animated conversation with customers at the ZPE 2019

Focus on Simplification and integration. Not just automation.

Michael, CEO of Papershift, had the pleasure to highlight the significance of integration of employees into the process for successful workforce planning. The focus is on enabling teams to collaborate and function as one and simplify communication. The process to get there with Papershift was delivered over a 10-minute talk to a sound audience by Michael.

We will share the whole video of the talk as soon as we get the official recordings from the event organizers. But for now, you can take a peek through these photos. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to take a look at the complete journey of our events in pictures.

Michael's speech at ZPE 2019

10 times the stall space and 3 times our agents

So, overwhelmed with the response. We took a major decision.

Our agents reflected the enthusiasm visitors showed in our solutions and the conversations we have been having with such visitors post the event has been very encouraging. With customers, showing need and desire to implement a sound and proven workforce management software in their organization, it became imminent that we have a much larger space to accommodate more consultations with visitors and a much larger Papershift team at the next events.

So thanks to you guys, we are showing up big at the next Zukunft personal Europe (ZPE) 2020. It will be ten times bigger space than what we had this year with 3 times more Papershift agents to attend to you. Exciting times ahead 🙂

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