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A cleaning rota is a written schedule for the cleaning tasks within a property. It details individual tasks, a timeframe for completion, and details of who should complete them
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  • Last updated: April 5, 2022
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In this article, we will discuss what a cleaning rota is, why you need one, and the various helpful tools available.

Let’s start with the basics.

Setting up a cleaning rota that works for your home, business, or accommodation can be a tricky task. Making sure that you attend to every area of the property so things stay tidy is important. But getting a system in place that meets your cleaning needs while addressing the skills of those involved is a juggling act. Keeping them happy is another thing entirely.

What is a cleaning rota?

A cleaning rota is a written schedule for the cleaning tasks within a property. It details individual tasks, a timeframe for completion, and details of who should complete them.

A good cleaning rota will address the needs of the property and those who clean it. It will also ensure that each individual can complete their tasks easily by scheduling them at favourable times.

Why would I need a cleaning rota?

There are many reasons and situations that might require the creation of a roster, including:

  • Student cleaning rota. If you live in shared student accommodation, keeping the property clean can be difficult. You may find that some residents do more work than others leading to animosity. A good system can help make sure everyone pulls their weight.
  • Cleaning roster for couples. Have you and your partner just moved in together? Are you looking to keep your home tidy and your relationship strong? Then you need a roster plan. Nothing upsets more in domestic situations than a partner who shirks cleaning responsibilities. Get that cleaning rota set up now and stick to it.
  • Cleaning roster for offices. It’s important to keep offices tidy. And if you don’t have cleaning staff, then it’s up to you and other staff members to do it. Again, a rota can help keep the office clean and ensure that everyone pitches in.

How can I create a cleaning rota?

There are many ways to create a cleaning rota, including:

  • Pen and paper-based rotas. One of the easiest ways to create a cleaning rota is using pen and paper. Rotas can be as simple as a table specifying tasks, their completion date, and details of who is responsible for them. For many, a paper rota stuck to the wall is all they need.
  • Spreadsheet-based rota. If you fancy using your computer to create a rota, then spreadsheet software makes it easy. Columns and rows can specify tasks and timeframes. You can then print this for display or send it to each ‘cleaner’ electronically.

Can I get a rota app?

The quick answer is yes. Cleaning roster apps are becoming more and more common, with many free to use. The benefits of an app are:

What would a good template look like?

A good rota template will be in the form of a calendar and include the following:

  • Time and days of the week that tasks should take place.
  • Space to put each individual task in with details.
  • A place to allocate an individual to a task.

Papershift’s rota planning software for cleaning management can help you manage this with ease. Book a free demo with us here.

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